Topsy Turvy Nine Patch Class

Thursday I drove about 3 hours to speak and do a trunk show for an evening guild and then do an all day Friday Topsy Turvy Nine Patch class. When I leave home, there’s a little apprehension. I wonder if that will always be there or if after a while, I’ll feel more confident. I’m mostly apprehensive because you never know when there may be scary bridges along the way. I had looked at mapquest and google earth and felt pretty confident there was nothing I couldn’t cross but then I got to an intersection and GPS told me to go a different way from what mapquest had said. I hesitated a second and saw a “road construction ahead” sign on the way mapquest would have taken me and I went with the GPS directions. Then . . panic struck! I didn’t check to see if there were any bridges along this way. Either way took me along curvy, narrow, uphill and downhill roads. I was certain that past the next bend in the road would be a bridge and I’d have to turn around, and go home! I kept looking at GPS because it will show blue on the screen for water. Try driving those curvy, winding, narrow roads with one eye on the road and one eye on the GPS screen! Finally . . there it was . . my fears were real . . a big billboard that said “White Water Rafting! Turn right after crossing the river . . 2 miles ahead!” Two miles was an eternity. I pulled into a parking lot and let every one else pass me so I could go slow (with my eyes closed) across the bridge. Turned out to be a very small bridge . . about 3 car lengths and not a problem but dang it, I was scared!

Once I got on the interstate, I knew there were no big bridges so now it was time to think about (1) what if they don’t like me or my presentation? and (2) what if the quilter I’m staying with doesn’t like me?

Everything was perfect, as it always is. The lady I was staying was great and we had fun together. We stayed up and talked til midnight and I think we’ll be friends for a long time. She’s offered for me to come back and visit and we’ll hit lots of area quilt shops. Hmmm, maybe she didn’t like me . . doesn’t she know I’m trying to bust this stash!

The quilt group seemed to like me too. They bought my book like it was the last quilt book on earth! I was so pleased!

Our Friday class went great. I think everyone enjoyed it and I hope to see lots of finished Topsy Turvy Nine Patch quilts in the next few weeks.

Here are a few pictures from the class. As always, you can click on the pictures to get larger views.

The lady who made these first blocks apparently struggled with her fabric choices and bought enough fabric to make several quilts before deciding which fabric to use. I like her way of thinking!


These were pretty and real close to the colors I used in my first TTNP.


This lady went right to work and got lots accomplished. The green was from her stash and was perfect for these flowery looking blocks.


These blocks were so pretty and didn’t photograph well. She used a black, kinda looked like a Fairy Frost but wasn’t, lavender for the background and then her nine patches were all purple. They look way too blue in the picture.


The lady who made these blocks is such a nice lady! She’s a breast cancer survivor and has such a great attitude. Here quilt is going to have a very retro look.


And these two! Look how busy they look. Every time they saw the camera, it was time to look busy.


When the camera was put away, this is what they did — chat, chat, chat and giggle!


They had way too much fun and that’s what it’s really all about!


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    Your class sounds like it was a ton of fun! I love that quilt. Wish I could take one of your classes! (Hugs)

  2. 2

    Linda H says

    You drove “slow (with your eyes closed)” over a bridge???? Oh, my goodness! Now *I* will be scared next time you take off for another road trip! =]
    TTNP is such a pretty pattern. I love it in the flowery prints and I love it in the dramatic colors. If I can ever get caught up, I want to make it, too.

  3. 3

    Sandy says

    A “friend” of mine from a Yahoo group was at the workshop. She really enjoyed it, and likes your book.
    Good for you for getting across that bridge!

  4. 4


    I always smile when I hear your fear-of-bridges stories. I used to be terribly frightened of tornadoes, never having seen one, but I spent many nights in cold sweats, being fearful when there was a warning. Then one day, I actually experienced a tornado, and I sensibly and calmly did all the ‘right’ things to keep me safe. While it WAS frightning, it wasn’t nearly as scarey as my fears had made me. Soooo, does that mean YOU have to fall OFF the bridge to get over the fears? hmmmm . Maybe having excuses to be NEAR them would be helpful – like have a friend put some fabric ON the bridge!!!! and maybe some notions at the other end!!! LOL

  5. 5

    Vivian says

    I really enjoyed this blog. You were so positive and had such nice things to say about all of the quilt blocks and ladies there. Those two ladies looked like they were having a great time. You are probably a great presenter. I’m sure you’ll gain more confidence with each trip and each presentation. Congratulations on a successful trip.

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    I’m glad to hear things went well with the class and the visit.

    I’ve had a few requests to speak to guilds and I finally accepted one for August – I’ll probably panic when the time gets closer – I haven’t done any public speaking in a LONG time.

    Luckily, the one I accepted is fairly local so I won’t have to stay over night and I won’t be teaching a class.

    Glad there weren’t any bridges you weren’t able to cross.