Other Uses for “Stuff”

It’s always kinda funny to me when we use products other than for their intended purpose. Remember all this 3M Post-it Tape that Vince bought for me to label my frozen food?


My friend, Elaine, recently showed me that she uses this tape for labeling fabric, blocks, etc. Great idea! It stays, peels away and leaves no residue and you can write on it. I’m not sure where it can be purchased but Office Depot has it. What I’ve been using is the “6 line” tape.

The other thing I can’t do without is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A while back, a nurse practitioner in town told me to use it in my bath water. No way am I scrubbing that bath tub so I never used it but then I read about using EVOO for dry skin. Oh, my . . who’d ever have thunk it? 🙂 My skin just drinks this stuff, doesn’t leave any greasy residue and feels so good!


And, just so you know I’ve been doing something quilt related, I finished this quilt today. It’s for a customer so I’m not showing the front but here’s the back. Click on the picture to get a larger image.  I don’t use the Baptist Fans template enough but every time I do it, I remember how much I love them.



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    Thanks for the olive oil tip. I will give it a try.

    Also thanks for the Log Cabin challenge. I needed that extra push to get this quilt going.

    And once again thanks for those post it notes that came with the lucious yarn you sent. I shared them with my Saturday Sewing Society friends and still have lots left for me.

    You are just too kind.

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    I’ll have to try the olive oil. Knowing my luck my skin will soak it up and make my hips even bigger! Ok, so maybe all things don’t work like a hormone patch. lol

    I love those post it notes for the same reasons. They also stick their cute little selves out of books or magazines that you want to book mark.

    Steve’s grandmother often used the Baptist Fan in her designs for hand quilting her quilts. I love to look at it. The one you did is beautiful, too.

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    Does the olive oil leave a smell on your skin? I have no sense of smell. I have to be careful about things I use. My “boys” will let me know if I have an “aroma”, but don’t like to give them ammunition for criticism. I meant to look for the post-it notes at OD yesteray, but forgot. Thanks for the great tip! Getting things done for the Quiltathon. I’m hoping to participate on Saturday. Have a great day!

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    Oh that is good to know about the EVOO! I rarely have the time to treat myself to a bath but perhaps I could prepare a foot bath to soak my feet while at the computer or TV???

    I am willing to bet I have the dryest feet in Texas! and you will have to take my word, b/c I am not shoing! ….. but perhaps I will take a before and after photo to compare for my eyes only… ;c)

    Love from Texas!!! ~bonnie

    PS – new photos of kids on the family blog!

    and PSS – thought of you yesterday as i made your chicken soup for the upteeth time! Seems like this has become a favorite of ours! Easy to make and very good!!! It was even better tonight warmed up!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Gina says

    Hi Judy, I thought I commented yesterday, but maybe it didnt take?
    I linked to this post today, doing aan oli blog:)
    Thanks for the tip on the tape… perfect solution.

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    I’ve never read about using Olive Oil like this…do you just apply it like lotion?? I like to take baths but I don’t know about soaking in it.

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    Hi Judi,
    Thanks for the tip abaut Post-it tape.
    I love visiting your blog and cooking with delicious recipes from your site.Keep up the good work.
    Esther from Australia