Another Trip

I left Wednesday morning and drove to Kansas City to spend the day with my friend, Jeanne, and do a trunk show on Thursday morning.

I got to Jeanne’s just before noon and we headed off to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I feel really bad because when we first moved here, someone suggested to Vince that we go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I just thought it was a regular furniture store and preferred to buy furniture locally so we didn’t go. Oh, my! I could’ve spent days in that store. It was nearly 4 p.m. when we left and we surely didn’t see it all but we were starving. Neither of us had eaten lunch and we were truly about to drop! Jeanne bought some carpet for their camper and a really neat trunk type coffee table. I just bought “stuff” – nothing big but even “stuff” adds up quickly!

Thursday morning the trunk show went great. Everyone was very nice and they seemed to enjoy my presentation. I love doing this!

Then Jeanne and I went to Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit. That is one nice quilt shop — very, very large with lots and LOTS of fabric! I’m very happy to report that I bought nothing there!

From there Jeanne and I went to lunch at Houlihan’s. Jeanne ate calamari for the first time and said she liked it. I had a wonderful salad with sliced fresh tuna on top of a yummy salad. I can’t stop thinking about it but fresh tuna seems to stay on my mind for a very long time. I love that stuff!

After lunch Jeanne headed home and I went to Whole Foods. I had been wanting to go there for so long and GPS told me it was only about 7 miles from the trip I took to get to Jeanne’s house (and I’ve gone there 3 or 4 times now) but I was too afraid of bridges and I wouldn’t try it by myself. Finally, yesterday I told myself that I wanted to go badly enough that I was going to do it — bridges or no bridges. There were no bridges and it was just one exit past the way I went to the Convention Center for the MQS quilt show last year so I made it just fine.


Here are a few of the things that came home with me from my trip to Kansas City: From Whole Foods – a few different grains and a couple of different brown rices, breads, fresh granola and in the fridge are some olives and cheeses. Not pictured are some whole grain crackers and pastas, essential oil for a recipe for my iron (I’ll tell you about that later), Mrs. Meyers laundry detergent and probably more but I can’t remember what.

At Nebraska Furniture Mart, I bought the Food Saver that I’d been wanting for a while, lime green mixing bowls, lime green prep bowls, little lime green colanders, some Anolon bakeware and a griddle, along with some Anolon spatulas and a lime green pottery to sit on the counter for holding some of my kitchen utensils.

Jeanne and her very nice husband are great hosts and I’m happy to say I get to spend more time with them next month . . but after all my shopping this week, Vince just may be sending me off without the credit card next time! 🙁


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    You will love your Food Saver. I got mine for Christmas after convincing DH I really did want an appliance…lol Make sure you go online and register it and they will send you a free bag opener that works wonderfully.

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    Marianne says

    Oh, you brought back happy memories! I haven’t thought of Houlihan’s since I’ve lived in Cleveland back in the ’80s. Your lime green foody purchases sound fun. Lovin’ Whole Foods, too, but are they ever pricey! Back to the Log Cabin blocks!

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    Oh I’m sooooo … oh I don’t know what I am…you were here in my very own town and I didn’t get to see your presentation. When I heard I just deflated like an old birthday balloon.

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    I go to Whole Foods whenever I visit my parents. They have this granola with dried cranberries that is to die for!! yummmmm!

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    Your purchases all are great – love the lime green bowls. But, Judy, you didn’t buy anything at the quilt shop? Girl, I thought I raised you better than that! LOL. I’m glad you’re home!

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    A gal who belongs to my Thimbleberries Yahoo group, Ellen, said she had met you at her guild meeting and really enjoyed the presentation. Of course, everyone else in the Thimbleberries group was envious, especially since a couple of them had just been in Kansas City the weekend before for a mini retreat. Thought you’d like to know you’re being talked about! ROFLOL!