Lime Green Beauty


Last night at our local quilt guild, one of the ladies had this top that she had made for a donation quilt and she was asking about thread to use for tying the quilt. There’s nothing wrong with tying a quilt but . . this quilt was a candidate for lime green thread! No way could I allow this quilt to be tied with orange thread when I could quilt it with fun feathers using lime green thread. After the meeting I asked her if she just wanted to tie the quilt and if not, I offered to take it home and quilt it.

She seemed happy that I volunteered so then I asked the LQS owner if she could run by the shop after the meeting and let me get some backing fabric. Another advantage of living in a small town with such nice folks, Erica and I went by The Nine Patch and I found this perfect backing fabric!


The top has now been quilted, trimmed and delivered back to The Nine Patch where it can be picked up and bound; I’ve traveled all around town looking for (and found) my UPS guy to give him a package (that’s the disadvantage of living in a small town — no UPS drop off location!); went to the grocery store just to see what’s on sale.  I didn’t need anything but they had 12 packs of Best Choice canned drinks 3/$5.  I love the pineapple soda and fruit punch so I bought some of those, a brisket on sale, pork chops on sale and 4 pounds of strawberries on sale.

My plan was to grill steaks tomorrow but since Mother Nature may be suffering from a bit of PMS or worse, and is threatening snow for tomorrow, I think I’ll fry the pork chops instead.  Tonight I’ll slice up the strawberries, flash freeze them and then use my new Food Saver to bag and seal them for the freezer.  Monday I’ll smoke the brisket . . if I can wait that long.  I love smoked brisket!



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    What a happy quilt! that lime green reminded me of your stashbuster logo!! Sweet of you to quilt it for her! And I think I’d be downing those strawberries- they never make it to my freezer!!

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    You’re just feathering everything aren’t you? This backing is great – how nice the LQS owner opened the store for you….and nice of you to quilt this one too.

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    Oh!!! That quilt is so cute, and quilting instead of tying was the ONLY way to go! Thanks to a great LQS owner who understands….what a jewel! There’s nothing better than a group pulling together to get the best results.