Here are a couple of links to recent Wall Street Journal articles about Paducah and the quilt show:

I love Paducah and would move there in a heartbeat.  It’s amazing what Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder and the AQS team have done for Paducah and for all of us quilters, especially me!  There are many people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude and the Shroeders are at the top of my list!  From my quilt winning at the AQS Expo in Nashville, to my quilt designs being published in American Quilter magazine and AQS publishing Nine Patch Extravaganza, AQS has had an immeasurable influence on my quilting “career”.  The AQS staff including Bonnie Browning, Chris Brown, Linda Baxter Lasco, Whitney Jones, and many others whose names I don’t even know, have always been a dream to work with.

It’s a bit more than a week til I load up my little Honda, pick up two friends in Springfield, then drive to Paducah and meet up with a friend from Owensboro and spend three glorious days in Paducah — seeing the quilts, spending money, attending Eleanor Burns’ show, eating, laughing and hopefully not taking showers by candlelight!  Here’s my Paducah report from last year if anyone has forgotten the showers by candlelight story.

I can hardly wait to go back to Paducah.  The four of us have so much fun, the quilts are outstanding and the whole City of Paducah is just fantastic!  I’m so thrilled to be a quilter!