Quiltathon Progress

Sunday – 11 p.m.  Why do I always think I can get so much more done than I can actually do?  I had planned to finish two quilts but only got one finished and didn’t even touch the second one.  Oh well . . at least I got one done.

Midnight – I’m turning into a pumpkin so it’s time for bed. Borders are not finished but I have a legitimate excuse. Don’t I always? I had a request for shrimp gumbo tomorrow for lunch and since gumbo seems like a cold weather food to me and since cold weather is surely about to end, I spent an hour or so making a gumbo for tomorrow. The pieced borders for the quilt are almost finished and the last two solid borders should go on quickly. I’ll Quiltathon again tomorrow.

3:30 p.m. Good grief! I’m finally sewing. Making borders is fun but attaching them is not so much fun. I attached the first border to a quilt I’d worked on at the retreat in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago. Stood back to admire my work and . . what the heck? I made the top in two halves and put them together backwards. Rip the borders off, rip the middle seam out . . that’s where I am now. Not only am I not making much progress . . I’m going backwards! But, . . I will finish this top and I will finish it before I go to bed tonight . . maybe!

2:20 p.m. Still no sewing! I’m a loser! 🙁 Made hotdogs for lunch (I thought we were skipping lunch and having an early dinner but . . what did I know?) Now I’m really going to sew!

1:00 p.m. So far, I’ve finished quilting a top for a customer, spent an hour looking for something, and sewed about 10 minutes. Oh well . . there’s still a good 9 hours left in the day. Maybe I can accomplish something yet!