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    pdudgeon says

    i’m finally comming up for air.
    I started about 9 am this morning , stopped for lunch about noon and went back at it from 1-4:30 today.
    the good news is I have a finished top! YEA!!!
    the bad news is that my expected fabric shipment didn’t come in today, so I’ll be working on something else tomorrow.

    the good part of that is that i’ll be able to bust more fabric! i think this is going to be a good report week.

  2. 5

    Vivian says

    I joined in at about 1 p.m. today. I finished piecing a baby quilt and then machine quilted it. I am taking a break for supper. I may start back later or wait until tomorrow to add binding. I love to read everyones comments and blogs to see what they are doing.

  3. 6

    Connie says

    Got the pinwheels made. I’m slow and it’s definitely going to be a galloping horse one, my piecing isn’t always great. Decided to stop for the night there, well, on that one, going to go put in some handquilting stitches.

  4. 7


    I stitched all day yesterday, and I’m about to settle down for another round, but hand quilting is so slow I don’t have much to show yet. Pictures at the end of the day!

  5. 8


    Got lots done yesterday…looking forward to just as productive a day today. I’ll post pictures at the end of the day! Thanks Judy…always appreciate the motivation of the quilt-a-thon!!!

  6. 9

    pdudgeon says

    stopping for the night on Sunday. I got a late start today. didn’t sit down to sew until after 2 pm. i did get a top halfway pieced and together. got the rows sewn anyway, lol . tomorrow i’ll sew the rows together and put the borders on.

  7. 10


    Thanks for the inspiration Judy! I accomplished a lot of cutting, kit making and a bit of sewing. I’m happy with the time I was able to concentrate on my projects.

  8. 12

    Connie says

    Sunday night report. All 1/4 square units are done. Next up, putting the blocks together, but will have to wait for another day.