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    pdudgeon says

    Judy i was just thinking about goals for the stash busting today! OK, here’s mine.
    I want to bust a football field worth of fabric.

    i don’t mean i want to cover the whole field, but one fabrice width at a time i wanna run the whole field from goal poast to goal post;
    112 yards.

    here’s my report:
    fabric in this week: 7 yards 18 inches.
    fabric busted this week: 27 yards 28.5 inches

    fabric in MTD: 7 yards 18 inches
    fabric busted MTD: 33 yards 2 inches

    fabric in YTD: 41 yards 10 inches
    fabric busted YTD: 83 yards 6.5 inches

    net fabric busted: 41 yards 32.5 inches

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    I’ve been wanting to participate for awhile now, and I’m finally off my backside with a post this week 😉 Keep up the encouraging posts!