Better than Christmas!

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 26 yards
Net Yards To Go – 124 yards

I have absolutely no use for TV at all and if I had my way, we’d get rid of every one of them.  We have three TV’s and that’s probably way less than most households.   There’s one in the family room, one in Chad’s room and one in the basement.  The one in the basement is only there so we can listen to the weather if we have to run to the basement during storms.

I love the radio and always have music on — either CD’s or XM.  In the basement where I spend most of my time, I have XM and my iPod.  We’ve been in this house 15-1/2 months.  When we looked at the house, the previous owners had the family room in the basement set up as their main family room — TV and . . surround sound!  I was so happy because I could turn my music up full blast while everyone was away.  But . . 15-1/2 months later and the surround sound still wasn’t hooked up.

Today Chad and I were talking about the way he had his speakers in his room and he has his own setup for surround sound.  I mentioned that I wish I had it all hooked up in the downstairs family room.  He said “Mom, there are a couple of boxes of speakers in the downstairs garage.  Want me to hook it up for you?”  Oh, yes!  Then as we got down there and  started digging around, we found Vince’s old stereo system which has a 5 CD changer, a cassette player and an amplifier.  I moaned and complained about this thing being in our family room at the house in Kentucky and made him promise he wouldn’t put it in the family room here.  It’s perfect for down in the basement!


There’s the TV that never gets used, the stereo system that I never wanted to see again and my XM setup.  There are three more speakers (the 4th one is up there by the TV)  spread out around the room.  I’m so happy to have this hooked up.  I was looking forward to turning my music up tomorrow while everyone is gone.  Wednesday is the only day Chad is in school all day but . . Vince is sick and staying home from work tomorrow.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy, does it?


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    I’m with you Judy. During the day, while everyone is at work or school, the TV is off and I love it! I play some music and quilt or get the laptop and watch some quilt videos. When they get home and turn the TV on it’s like nails on a chalkboard. It’s loud!!
    I love your setup!! I needs to get me one! hahahaha