I’m Gonna Survive

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 26 yards
Net Yards To Go – 124 yards

Finally, after four days of spending most of the day sleeping on the sofa and most of the night coughing, I’m feeling better today . . not great but much better. I take health for granted and never appreciate enough that I almost always feel good and almost always sleep from the minute my head hits the pillow til my alarm jars me from my peaceful slumber. Just a few days of feeling rotten and I’m again very thankful for good health and the ability to sleep 8 – 10 hours anywhere any time.

Over the weekend, before I got sick, I saw over on Nicky’s blog her pizza recipe. Even though I hadn’t felt like cooking, I kept thinking about that yummy homemade pizza. I try not to judge people by how they look (you’re wondering what this has to do with pizza, right?) but one time in Kentucky, we ordered a pizza. The delivery person who brought it was so dirty and smelled so bad, I couldn’t eat the pizza. I doubt he made it, or touched it or breathed on it but I just couldn’t eat it and since then, I’ve had a hard time eating delivered pizza. I always think about that delivery guy. Then one day after moving here, we went to a local pizza place to eat the buffet. We got our pizza and the lady who came to bring our drinks had the grossest, nastiest, oozingest fever blister thing from her lip halfway up her nose and I totally lost my appetite that day and can’t get excited about going back there either .. even though I’m sure that monstrosity on her face has healed by now.

I surely hope I haven’t ruined the desire of my readers to ever eat pizza again. But, this all explains why my family has pretty much had nothing but frozen pizza for the past few years. We have had pizza delivered a few times. It isn’t something I enjoy but something I do for the good of the family.

So, this afternoon when I arose from the sofa about 2 p.m. and realized I felt like a human again, I immediately wanted to cook. I had all the ingredients to make Nicky’s pizza so I set about doing just that. The dough makes enough for two large pan pizzas so I was able to use my new Food Saver and put half the dough in the freezer.


I think Vince was quite happy to arrive home from work and smell food cooking, something I’m not quite sure he thought was ever going to happen again after coming home each day to me laying on the sofa saying “I feel horrible!”


So, there’s our pizza. The whole thing has pepperoni, ground meat, Canadian bacon and onions. One end also has black olives and one corner has hairy little fish! Ughhh, those may be worse than the nasty pizza delivery guy.

The family approved and I’m thinking we’ll be having homemade pizza often!


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    Connie says

    Glad you’re feeling better, too. Now, which of you doesn’t eat black olives? 😉

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    Glad you’re feeling better – I’m still fighting this cold and the weekend before the move I felt really terrible….it just keeps hanging on!