Stash Report Plus More

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 37 yards
Net Yards To Go – 113 yards

I’m not a quitter! I will reduce this stash. But, I have a pretty hopeless mess on my hands! You’ve seen pictures of the neatly-folded-and-organized-by-color stash but you haven’t seen the total chaos that abounds in most of my basement.


I bought these batiks probably four or five years ago at the Nashville show. Don’t ask me what I plan to do with them. They’re all fish. I’ve thought about them from time to time but never actively searched for them. Today, as I was finishing up a quilt for a friend, I looked under the longarm and there . . big as Texas . . were these batiks all folded up. I don’t have a clue where they’ve been hiding or how they found their way out into the wide, open spaces.


I came across this bag of “stuff”. It was in the bins where I normally put tops to be quilted. There’s a Hobby Lobby receipt in the bag dated 5/5/01. The truly mystifying part of this is that there are zippers, quite a few zippers. . and ribbon! What was I planning to make? I’m sure this doesn’t all go together but 5/5/01 was seven years ago! I vaguely remember buying this but just don’t have a clue what I planned to do with it.

Probably the most ridiculous find of all was this!



I saw this quilt in Nashville probably 5 or 6 years ago. It was designed by Jennifer Beuchel of Ornamental Applique. Look at her designs! They’re gorgeous but . . I can’t applique! Pretty optimistic of me to think I might one day be able to do this pattern. I didn’t buy just one . . I bought all 12.

Yesterday while cleaning, I found the little package on the right that has 11 patterns in it. I remembered removing Pattern #1 because, for weeks I would fall asleep looking at the pattern. Didn’t have a clue where it was and figured if I came across Jennifer in Paducah, I’d see if I could buy Pattern #1 but today I opened a box and there was Pattern #1. How lucky was that?

Maybe it’s good that I stumbled across all these things right here before leaving for Paducah. Maybe it’s just a little more encouragement to buy nothing except that hand quilting hoop I want.

About the Stash Report, I didn’t buy anything this week. I used 5-1/2 yards in the star quilt I was making and I used 5-1/2 yards as a backing for a quilt for a friend. That’s 11 yards out and nothing in. Congratulations to me! 🙂

Fabric Added This Week – 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date – 68 yards

Fabric Used This Week – 11.00 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date – 105.0 yards

Net: 37 yards used year to date


  1. 1

    silverthimble says

    Those batiks are begging to be used in a Nine Patch Pizzazz quilt. It would make up fast and make use of those lovely squares–and best of all, get rid of the guild!

  2. 2

    Diane says

    Any chance you can take those 12 patterns and trade them for something else?.. You would get something new but not increase the inventory… a win-win.

  3. 3

    pdudgeon says

    that border fabric would make a cute 4th of July apron. not sure about the zippers, ribbon and the red and yellow fabrics. maybe they could be made into a sewing tote or a bag for your knitting?

  4. 4

    A.L. says

    I think you have two chances of leaving Paducah with “NO” fabric!!! Slim & None!!
    How can anyone resist.

  5. 5


    You sound like me when I go to a quilt show or another quilting event where there are vendors. I have bought so many kits and fabric collections over the years and they are still sitting in my sewing room. At the time I have every intention of taking them home and starting them right away, but that doesn’t happen.

    I’m going to try my best not to do that when I go this time, but it will be hard. I usually stay one day, and this time I am staying for 3! Wish me luck!

  6. 6


    11 yards busted! Yes, congratulations to you! Sometimes it feels good to just get rid of things–if you belong to a local quilt guild, what about a donation for door prizes or silent auction? We had a live auction just for our members last June and had an absolute ball, and we’re doing it again this year. All the items were donated, and I went home with some things I really liked. I love other peoples’ scrap bags, and I go home with one of these every year too!

  7. 7


    Your post today made me laugh. How we all can relate! Our ideas and plans are always much bigger than the time we spend actually doing. I come across these type of items in my sewing room also and wonder what on earth I was thinking.
    Congratulations on your stash busting effort. And thanks for the new Hour A Day quilt. I hope to follow along.

  8. 8


    I committed an entire year of no new projects/purchases-I only worked on UFO’s. I got alot done, but I also gave alot away (kits, books, stuff). I think I agree with pdudgeon-the zipper and other things could make a great bag or tote (to carry fabric in!). 11 yards is a great step in your yearly goal!


  9. 9


    If only we could remember what we bought some of those things for. If only I could remember where I saw that fabric I need now.

    Enjoy Paducah.

  10. 10

    Darlynn says

    Oh Judy….I was sooooo LOL over this post!
    How many times haven’t I found a bag full of goodies and thought….”What the heck was I thinking???” And the applique patterns….I am still chuckling. I too have purchased patterns, later reviewing them and thought again….”Where was my head when I was purchasing these???”
    Thanks for the chuckle…I can totally relate!