Sewing is all Done

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 37 yards
Net Yards To Go – 113 yards

Too bad I still haven’t started packing and still have 2 loads of laundry to get done, but the sewing is all done. Yes, I did get the third top quilted and the binding on all three of them.


The top three are quilts I quilted for my friend, Becky from Owensboro. She’ll be staying with us so I’m bringing the quilts to her. The bottom three are mine on which I need to do the handwork on the binding. Each one of my three measure somewhere in the 60 – 65″ x 70 – 77″ range and all will be going to soldiers in Afghanistan. I’ve used a good bit of fabric this week with backings and bindings. Hopefully I won’t blow my stash report by buying a bunch of fabric at the show.

Here’s the third one that I found and haven’t shown yet. It may have been out of a Fons & Porter magazine a few years ago but I can’t remember. I did a freehand feather meander on it.


While cleaning today, I found yet another top. This one needed one row of darker purple blocks sewn to one end. The blocks were all made, just not sewn on yet. There were more blocks as I guess I was making this quilt queen size but . . not now. It will also be quilted and go to a soldier in Afghanistan.  I did sew on the extra row and now it’s ready to be quilted.


Also while cleaning today, I found these two kits I’d made up. I do not have a clue what they were supposed to be.



I decided to be a good wife and go ahead and grind the wheat and make the bread this morning. Then I took Speck to the vet for a nail trim, came home and gave him a bath.

Then Chad and I (more Chad than *I*) cleared out a little of the vines that are growing in our creek. We didn’t make much progress but hopefully he and Vince will work on it this weekend. Things have really grown out of control quickly near the creek.


Now I need to delete photos off a memory stick, get the laundry done, get the packing done, get to bed so I can get up early and hit the road to . . Paducah! Finally, it’s almost time to leave.


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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Wow you are really gettin’ things done! Maybe a picture of planned project in the baggie with the pieces would help when you come across them years later. Notes might help too. I hate to have to make lists and write things down all the time but it is the only way for me to remember anything anymore.
    Have a great trip!

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    Pat says

    Your quilts for the military guys/gals are wonderful. Also…I can identify with the mystery bagged projects-in-progress. I had some but now do put a note in each bag for two reasons….to find them easier when I decide to work on a UFO and also to know what the heck the project is if I’m reorganizing my ever-growing collection of these bagged projects-in-progress!!! Enjoy Paducah. A gal from our guild has a quilt entered there. She has only quilted for 3 years but is EXCELLENT. I could quilt for 33 years and never attain the level of work she produces.