Binding Incentive

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 37 yards
Net Yards To Go – 113 yards

Yep, I’m still in Paducah but just so you don’t forget about me, I left these posts that I hope will magically appear while I’m gone.

Sewing the binding to the quilt top is maybe my least favorite part of quilting.  Adding the label might actually be my least favorite but .. don’t tell anyone but sometimes I don’t put labels.  I have never “finished” a quilt without adding binding but I’ve “finished” quite a few without adding a label.  I’ll try real hard to do better.


Here’s my basket of bindings waiting for the tops to be quilted.

If I make the binding when I finish the top and stick it aside, then I try to make myself add the binding as soon as I finish quilting the top.  Otherwise, it could take forever to get the binding sewn on.  Then, I still have to make myself do the handwork on the binding.  I’ve tried to do it all by machine but I like it better finished by hand.  And, that’s kinda like the “grand finale” and something that I just need to do to feel finished.


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    Good for you for cutting those bindings and putting them where you can find them! I try to make the binding when I finish a top, but if I at least cut the strips, then that’ll do for me!

    We know you’re having fun! The burning question is what are you buying? LOL

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I don’t mind the binding so much. I even enjoy handstitching in down but it takes me so long to finish the hand sewing. And you are right about the labels…a real pain. I have done fabric paint on the back binding instead of labels. Sure is quicker!

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    I rarely make the binding when I finish the top but I always cut it it and put it aside in my binding basket. I also hand stitch all my bindings down – I don’t care how much people say that they’re able to machine stitch them down and have them look just as good – I’ve never seen one that I feel looks as good as a hand stitched binding.

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy, what a nice basket for your binding strips!!! you certainly do take loving care of them.

    thanks for today’s blog.

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    I actually like binding, yep, probably weird, but the whole time I am doing it, I am thinking ‘I am nearly done, I am NEARLY done”… of course you may think I am thinking this cause I can start something new, but alas, I am a great starter, hopeless finisher!

    take care and I hope you are enjoying your trip to Paducah! One day (with a lottery win) I may get there!


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    I’ve found when I make the binding as soon as the quilt top is done, press, fold it gently and tie it with a selvage ribbon, I get it right on and finished. I’m not a good labeler either.

    Hope you are having a blast in Paducah!

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    Pat says

    I hear ya’ about the labels and am guilty of that myself. I, too, love the bindings hand-stitched to the back of the quilt and am one of the sillies who doesn’t mind doing the bindings!

    Can’t wait for your Paducah report!

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    I don’t like the machine sewing on of the binding, but rather enjoy hand stitching it down. I enjoy hand work, as I can do it in the living room, sit on the couch and watch TV at the same time! I always put the binding on right away.

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    Connie says

    It’s known among many of my friends my extreme dislike of the binding part. Which is strange since I generally love hand work, but stitching that thing down by hand……..YAWN!

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    Have fun in Paducah – what have you bought so far?

    I sew my bindings on by machine but then I handstitch them down – I sit on the couch watching a movie, or on the front porch talking to everybody that walks by 🙂 Lately I’ve been machine stitching the bindings on donation quilts to get them done and out quicker, but it just doesn’t feel “right”.

    I frequently leave labels off – by the time I’m at that stage, I just want the quilt DONE AND GONE!!

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    That is what I do with my binding as well but mine is not in a nice basket. I have binding waiting for a quilt to be finished that has been waiting for about 9 years now. It is on a quilt I am handquilting……………….any idea why I took up machine quilting?