Honey Do List

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – 37 yards
Net Yards To Go – 113 yards

Well, if things are going according to schedule, this post should appear Friday evening. I’ve probably done all the damage I can do in Paducah. Hopefully some of my friends came by to get their books signed at the Book Fair. I’ve been kinda worried that I’d be the only author there with no visitors. That would be sad, huh?

Vince asked if there was anything he needed to do while I was gone. I think he was thinking along the lines of watering plants. Here’s the list I left for him.


Anyone want to guess how many of these things will actually happen?

1. He’ll probably run down to our local home improvement store and see if they have clothesline poles. They probably won’t have them and he’ll say “I tried”.

2. I want the vinyl lattice and he’ll probably look at that while at the local home improvement store and then he’ll say “I didn’t know exactly how much I needed and I wasn’t sure what color you wanted so I didn’t get it. Can you go back and look at it with me?”

3. This might happen.

4. He’ll probably want Chad’s help and Chad will probably have a bunch of things to do . . like hang out with friends, play golf, work out at the Y . . all this after he sleeps til noon. So, Vince will say “I waited on Chad to help me and didn’t get to work on the vines.”

If I’m really lucky, Vince thinks there will be no blog posts while I’m gone since I didn’t take a computer and there’s no internet access at the park where we’re staying and he won’t look at my blog or . . he might not be happy about this post.

When I get home, I’ll let you know how much of the list gets accomplished.


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    Connie says

    Now what are you going to do when you get home and it’s all done? LOL I’m sure you’re all having a great time. I almost called Elaine’s cell yesterday to check on ya’ll. I’m was figuring she had it with her, but life got in the way and I didn’t get to it.

  2. 3


    Can’t wait to find out what gets done! ROFLOL. And surely can’t wait to see picture evidence of that “damage”!!

  3. 6

    pdudgeon says

    LOL, and if he gets it done you’re gonna owe him BIG TIME!
    hope you’re having a fabulous time in Paducah and have been mobbed by quilter’s wanting your book.

    ps. yes, i bought all the fabric you wanted me to. whoops! but it was legit buying–i made so many tops for this stash reduction plan that i ran out of backings.

  4. 7


    You are too funny! I am quite sure you prpbably signed so many books your hand has writers cramp. My guess on the To Do list is the same as yours. Just by thinking about what my husband and son would do, I think you are right in your guess. LOL
    I hope your having lots of fun.

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    Pam Oliver says

    If you try this link you will see Judy and yes she has quilters in front of her!www.flickr.com/groups/paducahquilts/