A Surprise for Me!

When I attended a quilt retreat recently, I met a lady and her very nice husband. I had known the lady for a while through the internet but we had never met. She wrote me last week and asked for my address . . she had a little something to send me. When I opened my mail tonight, this is what she sent me . . which was made by her husband!


What you can’t really tell from the picture is that this little cutting mat is stationed inside a little wooden try that is attached to a lazy susan apparatus and it turns! It turns very, very smoothly, unlike an old turning mat that I tried to use once.

I ran downstairs, sewed up a pair of half square triangles and trimmed them, using my handy dandy lazy susan cutting mat. This thing will save me a ton of time.  Now I really can’t wait for everyone to leave home on Monday morning so I can spend the day sewing!

But . . first . . there’s fabric to be washed! 🙁  You know what that means!  🙁


  1. 4

    Betty J in OKC says

    That is *SO COOL*!! I bought one like that in Paducah, before reading your post. I like the fact that the ruler can be removed/replaced after it becomes scarred after too much use. 😉

  2. 5

    Marilyn says

    What a neat idea? And such good friends! You know if he made several (like in dozens or more) and rented a booth at a show he could probably sell out in a couple hours.