Quick Update

I’m home and I am one tired little critter.  I’m glad to know that my posts showed up as scheduled.  Thanks for all the comments and mail sent while I was away.  There’s no way I can respond to it all but I did read every bit of it and chuckled at quite a few.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow but for tonight, there will just be a narrative.

About Vince’s “To Do List”, I was *exactly* right about everything except #4, which I will explain in the next paragraph.

Here is what happens at my house when I leave:

1.  If I am gone for more than about 10 hours, I get a phone call saying Speck is sick.  He has an upset tummy and he will not come out of the crate.  My response, which is the same thing every time:  Take him to the vet or just leave him alone and see what happens.

2.  If I am gone for more than 24 hours, I get a phone call saying Vince is sick.

3.  If I am gone for more than 48 hours, I get a phone call saying Chad is sick.

My family is as predictable as the sunrise.  Before we ever got settled into the room on Wednesday night, Vince called to tell me Speck was sick.  Take him to the vet tomorrow or leave him alone and see what happens.

Thursday I got the phone call that Vince was sick and went to the doctor.  He was given antibiotics that require him to stay out of the sun.  (Hence #4 on the “To Do List” could not happen.)

We left Paducah this morning and not long into the trip, Vince called to tell me that Chad was sick and had gone to the doctor, who sent him to the hospital for blood work.  He was running fever and felt very bad.

I’m home.  Speck is fine, Vince appears fine (he even took me to eat Chinese for dinner and if you know how much I like Chinese (NOT), you’ll know how much I appreciate that!); Chad still has fever and still feels bad.

I’ll tell you much more about Paducah in the coming days but here are the highlights:

1.  The trip down there was pretty exciting.  Let’s just say that we made it to Paducah in one piece but the construction cones along one part of the highway didn’t survive Kim’s driving!

2.  The show was great, as always.  Every year I think it can’t get more crowded and the quilts can’t get more outstanding, and every year, the show seems to be more crowded and the quilts seem more outstanding.  I don’t know how the judges ever choose the winners.

3.  The Book Fair was great!  I truly thank all the blog readers who came by to say hello and introduce yourselves.  Everything AQS does is first class and the Book Fair setup and reception for the authors was great!

That’s about it for tonight.  A special thanks to my buddies, Becky, Kim and Elaine for helping make our trip to Paducah another most memorable and fun experience!


  1. 1

    Connie says

    Glad your home safe and sound. Get some rest. (poor construction cones 😉 )
    Oh, I’m making headway on Catch a Spinning Star. DH even said it was going to be a pretty one.

  2. 2


    I didn’t get to see you. 🙁 I saw a room set up with authors waiting for people to come in so they could sign books, but it wasn’t the room you were in. They couldn’t tell me where you were.

    I did buy the book. It is great, Judy.

    I’m glad Vince is better. I hope Chad starts feeling better, soon.

  3. 4


    When I go out, at night, with my girlfriends, I am always amazed at the mess these people around here generate. I keep telling myself that it is nice to be needed…like a mantra…but sheesh people!!!
    hahahahaa Just tell yourself that you are needed and then you won’t hit them all with a wooden spoon!! heehee

  4. 5

    pdudgeon says

    Judy, your family is amazing. Hope everyone feels better soon and that you get lots of rest today. So glad that you got to enjoy Paducah and that the book signing was a success.

  5. 6

    Karen L says

    I understand about the family being so predictable. I no longer allow my family to blackmail me into staying home. The men of the house take there weekends away from me, and I don’t call them but the miniute I’m gone things just seem to fall apart. It used to bother me, but not anymore.

    Karen L