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Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <60.5 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 210.5 yards

Is anyone tired of hearing about Paducah yet? Good . . I didn’t think you would be. It’s so much fun to get together with my girlfriends and talk and giggle all night. And buy fabric. And see all the beautiful quilts. And buy fabric.

I mentioned earlier that each year I go to the show I think to myself that the quilts can’t possibly be more beautiful than they were the previous year and each year, the quilts seem to be more creative, more beautiful and more perfect!

The winning quilts are listed on the AQS website. Go see them for yourself but bring a Kleenex to wipe away the drool. That’s not good for the keyboard, you know? And, in my opinion, there were many, many quilts there that deserved ribbons but there can only be so many winners.

I was really happy to see the amount of lime green used in the quilts this year.


About my purchases! I’ve already shared that I did bring home just a bit of fabric. I bought a kit to make a quilt for my niece’s baby. I had looked at the kit at the Road to California show but it was all sold out before I got around to getting it. I also bought a couple of Creative Grids rulers. I like them a lot and had chipped one and had worn all the writing off one so what I bought were replacements. I bought the Gypsy Gripper, a couple of stencils, some hand quilting needles (stop laughing!), the curve foot for doing curved piecing but I’ve already decided that is not something I’ll ever learn to do correctly and am going back to my nine patches.

Remember my Santa on Speed quilt?


If you look real close in the pile of fabric I bought, you’ll see that I was able to get more of this fabric. I love it and am thinking I’ll make all different Christmas quilts for our beds but each will have some of the same border print. I was real happy to find more of that fabric.

Another thing I bought that had to be shipped is a Hinterberg hand quilting lap hoop.


And, I’m going to use it! I just don’t know when.  But, my first priority is figuring out how to use at least 50 yards of fabric this week!



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    I really like some of the fabrics you picked up at the show. I bet you can still make your stash reducing goal!


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    pdudgeon says

    ok i was gonna be good, but….nah!

    if you get the Hancock’s of Paducah catelogue, check out page 108 and 109. they have lots of lime green Christmas fabrics.

    love the fabric choices, Judy!!!

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    I’d love to hear MORE, and when you get to using the lap quilt frame I’d love to hear how you like it – I’ve been temped for a long time but so far, when I’m hand quilting, I end up like a slouch on the sofa! Maybe “slouch” is my style. 😎

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    Is that guilt getting to you yet??? If it is, my offer still stands. I’d take any and all of the fabulous fabrics you brought home with you. LOL

    Please tell us more.

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    That fabric you bought??…..I can only say….yummmmmmmm!!!hahahaha Isn’t buying fabric fun!!! Good for you getting youself a “couple” of little somethings.

  6. 10


    You could send some fabric to me!

    Oh wait…I just reduced my stash too cause we’re moving soon. I don’t need any more!