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Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <54.25 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 204.25 yards

What could a lonely, not so desperate housewife do on a Monday after such an exciting week last week?

How about an early morning trip to the dentist, then take the car to the shop to figure out why it’s leaking oil (like maybe because they didn’t tighten the plug or filter when they changed the oil last week??), then pull a few weeds . . then spend the afternoon sewing!

I worked on a second quilt for the upcoming Quilt for an Hour project and then I quilted this:


I used 6-1/4 yards of fabric today too!

And, look what my dear husband brought home at lunch . . from Wal-Mart right here in town!




  1. 1


    I really like the quilt you finished on Monday-love the colors. I’m not bored with Padukah stories…tell me more!


  2. 3

    Gail says

    What an awsome quilt. The color combination is amazing. Is there anything that comes out of your hands that isn’t spectular?

  3. 4


    I love that quilt! You have to be happy when looking at that one. Congrats on the new lawn mower. I know you are relieved! LOL!

  4. 6


    6 1/2 yards is a start toward the using of 50 yards this week.

    I am please to know that I am not the only one to make BRIGHT quilts.

    Looking forward to the next HAD…….

  5. 7

    Marilyn says

    Judy, I am just loving this quilt. I love brights and I am just crazy about that color combination.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time at the show. I am enjoying seeing some of the pictures! And, I love the fabrics you purchased. You are off to another good start, bustin on your stash!

  6. 8

    Kathy says

    Your husband likes to spend time with you. Chad will not be at home forever. Someday, Vince will be the main person you spend time with. He’s a nice guy. It’s not about the lawnmower, it’s about him wanting to have you with him. I go fishing occasionally. Do I love fishing? No, but it’s money in the bank when I want to spend time and money sewing and quilting. Think of that lawnmower as a big deposit. I did love the story!