My Next Project . . Maybe

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <46 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 197 yards

When I come home from a quilt show like Paducah, I’m always torn between making a quilt to enter in the show or just doing what I do day in and day out.  I had a quilt in the show but it was just an average quilt.  I knew it wouldn’t get a ribbon but I was honored to have it hanging in the show.  I’ll never have a quilt that wins at a show like Paducah – maybe not because I can’t make a winning quilt, but simply because I have so many other things I want to do.  On the other hand, maybe I can’t make a winning quilt! 🙂

But, if I can make a quilt that is kinda hard or looks kinda hard and do a good enough job quilting it and get it into the big shows, then I’m happy.

This is a quilt I designed a while back and I keep thinking about it.  I think I may make it with the intention of getting it done in time to enter it at Paducah next year.


 What do you think?


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    I think it looks kinda hard and it is an exquisitely clean design. So many designs are so complicated you get tired just looking at them. You are absolutely the Border Queen, classic, simple, doesn’t take away from the body of the quilt and requires meticulous piecing. Right up your street. Looks like a blue ribbon to me.

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    Evelyn says

    My favorite quilts are more traditional and I just love it when you can combine 2 blocks to create a 2ndary pattern. I think that people are probably very happy to come across one of your lovely quilts at the big quilt shows! I find that I like looking at something that I think I can make too – that inspires me to sew! Some of the quilts out there are show-stoppers for sure, but do not inspire me to try to make one. Your patterns on the other hand – I have several bookmarked that I would like to make.


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    I think it’s beautiful and with your eye for color and quilting skills, it could definitely be a winner!

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    pdudgeon says

    i like both the flow and the airyness of the quilt. not so sure about that border with it, though.

    any chance of a border switch?

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    pdudgeon says

    ps. i see that it’s the same design as the black and white quilt up top. that one pops because of the high contrast, but this version is lighter with more muted colors, so the same border comes across very differently.
    (but that’s just my 02 cents worth)

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    Your projects are ALL so clear, clean straightforward – that’s why we like them. But many of the ‘winners’ are soooo overworked, overdetailed, over-over’d that I get tired of looking at them, and they make me feel insecure and untalented — whoever would actually USE them?

    Yours are do-able, friendly, and invite the viewer to MAKE them. Not sure how all my opinion fits into your question about Paducah!

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    Karen L says

    Being the traditional person I am, I like your quilt. It has some great places to put some over the top quilting designs on and and the play on the piecing gives an optical illision of being curved. And entering for the fun of it is the way to go. What I’m seeing in the quilting for show industry is a new class of professional quilters that are making quilts just to win at the shows. Being the practical person I am, I still think the quilt should have a purpose other than for show, so I say go for it, sharpen that blade and double check that quarter inch seam and have fun, after all that’s what quilting is all about.

    Karen L

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    Elaine says

    I think it may be just the ticket for a ribbon next year!! I love it, and can’t wait to see it. Have you started yet??

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    I think it is STUNNING………….

    You have a gift with using borders and sashings to make a quilt soar…………….

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    I love it! I am always facinated by blocks that look like they have curved piecing..but don’t. I will be interested to see your fabric choices for this. I tend to be a brights girl, but love to see the softer palette picked by others.

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    Gail says

    I agree with Elaine Adair, especially when she wrote “yours are doable, friendly and invite the viewer to make them.” I wish our big quilt shows would get back to this. I’m sorry to offend anyone, but I really don’t think art quilts are quilts – they’re art. Your quilts are quilts, just the way I like them!

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    Elaine says

    Judy, I love your new design. I agree with Gail, would love to go to a quilt show and see the traditonal quilts, not as much artsy quilts. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your blog and await each new quilt you design.

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    Yeah I know that once I get the borders done I’ll have a quilt. Leave me alone LOL 😉

    That is a gorgeous design!

  14. 22

    Mary Ann says

    Go for it, Judy! That’s a great design, and your piecing and quilting will make a gorgeous quilt.

  15. 24


    The first thing that popped out at me when I looked at the quilt was the borders. I wasn’t sure about them at first either, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. The brown squares in the blocks are sort of like little cut outs from the border, which is a cool effect. Reminds me of film strips. The softer colors in this version really are very appealing.

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    Meloney says

    Wow, I love that quilt. I need to get over my fear of those types of stars.