Quilt for An Hour Tips

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <46 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 197 yards

The next Quilt for an Hour project will start on Monday, May 19. There are a lot of quilt activities going on in blogland these days and I know everyone can’t do everything so if you’re involved in Crazy Mom Quilts’ Quiltalong or Bonnie’s Mystery, or whatever else is going on, and you can’t do the Quilt for an Hour this time, just skip it and catch the next one.

I’m going to add a little box over on my sidebar and add links to your blogs if you’re doing this Quilt for an Hour project and posting about it on your blog so please let me know if you’d like to be added.

I will post the fabric requirements tomorrow or Friday. This is the quilt we’re doing and it will measure 53″ x 75″. The borders are plain so you can easily make this quilt larger without worrying about figuring out the borders.

About the Fabrics You Choose: Decide which fabrics you want to use for your light background and your dark background. Lay those fabrics out and then lay out your star point fabrics to make sure they all work together. I really wanted to use a yellow fabric for some of the star points with the last quilt I did. I thought I had a goldy yellow that would work but it didn’t — the star points blended into the background fabric.


I laid out all the strips I intended to use for the second top I’m making. Right off, to me it looks like the blue strip on the far right doesn’t go. The red that is second from the left may not go but I like it and it’s staying. I traded a turquoise for the dark blue though. The lime green that is 4th from the right is a bit light but I’m keeping it in there too.

I made two blocks with the same star points so I needed 12 different colors for each star color.


If you’re cutting your star points, using the Tri-Recs rulers, from width of fabric strips, you’re going to have a bit of leftover fabric. Since I love using the Tri-Recs ruler, I finish cutting the strip into the “recs” shape, drop them into a box and one of these days, I’m going to make a heckuva scrappy star quilt. I have some ideas and it may be the next Quilt for an Hour project so you might want to go ahead and cut some extra “recs” while you’re cutting.


Here are my points all cut and ready to sew.

And, here’s how I’m keeping up with the yardage I’m using this week. Nowhere near 50 yards but . . the week’s not over! Seriously, I don’t plan to use 50 yards but I’m at 14.25 so far.



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    Karen L says

    I’m going to try this project. I’ve never done a quilt for an hour so it should be fun. I’m tyring to get a blog set up now, hopefully I’ll get it working.

  2. 4


    I like this one and your Paducah quilt. I’m with you – I don’t really want to take the time that it would require for award winning quilts….or maybe I’m just not good enough. At any rate, I’m happy with my scrap quilts and the donation ones I do make.

  3. 6


    I am with you on this one…… You are always tops in my book. I have NEVER had a problem turning out a quilt I liked using your patterns.

    And my LQS is having open house on Saturday. Just in time for me to tweak my fabrics if needed.

  4. 7

    Winona says

    I am doing Bonnie’s mystery quilt and 2 other quilts, but I plan to do your quilt too. I love the way it looks. I really wanted to do Crazy Mom Quilts quiltalong, but just don’t think I can fit another project in right now. LOL I am also doing 3 blocks of the month projects. I have developed such a love for quilting. I even love putting the bindings on. I love your blog and check it daily.

  5. 8

    Gail says

    I printed a picture of your quilt with the intention of duplicating the background colors, and lo and behold, I could not find any suitable fabrics. (My stash didn’t work either). So I picked up a medium taupe for the light background and a navy blue for the darker backgroud. I sure hope these work. I’m thinking about using brights for the stars, but not sure yet. Wish you were here to see my fabrics and advise. Sorry I don’t have a blog.

  6. 9


    I am doing this one and I started a blog to post my progress. A new adventure for me. Not sure if I have enough of a good light and dark background. Might have to go buy the darker background.

  7. 12

    Karen (Misiz C) says

    I love your QFAH projects. The directions are easy to follow and even though it takes me a little longer than an hour to complete each step, I’m able to keep up and get the project done. That’s saying something for me! LOL So …. even though I need a new project like I need another hole in my head, count me in.

  8. 13


    I’m in! I’m in! I just went up to the stash room and rummaged around and didn’t find anything that made me happy. Then I remember my Dimples! Oh, joy, a whole quilt of Dimples! Now I’ve just got to pare it down to 12 colors!

    Thank you, AGAIN, for the motivation!