Hand Quilting??

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <46 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 197 yards

Why do I feel the need to hand quilt when I have a longarm?  My Hinterberg hand quilting hoop arrived today but due to Chad having shared his 24 hour bug with me, I spent most of the day either on the sofa or in the bathroom (too much information?) and it was late this evening before I even opened the box and assembled the hoop.  I have a very long way to go before I’ll consider myself a decent hand quilter but . . gotta start somewhere, right?


Here’s my quilt loaded in the hoop.  Chad looked at it and said how long have you been quilting on that quilt?  Well, let’s see . . about 14 years!  No need to rush, right?


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    I have a frame like yours and I love it. Hand quilting, to me, is entirely different than long arm quilting. Like the difference between machine piecing and hand applique. Sometimes you just need some mindless hand work in a comfy chair…with your ginger ale and pepto bismol… Hope you feel better soon. Remember… you tought Chad to share!

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    Your quilting is beautiful! You’re definitely my hero du jour! I just can’t do it, although I haven’t tried very hard.

    Tell Chad that just because you’re his mommy, that he doesn’t have to share *everything* with you!! Hope you’re feeling well soon!

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    That’s why I worked on the doll quilts last year – I love hand work even if it’s typically too slow for me! I’m hoping to start another crazy quilt once I get settled – I loved doing all the embroidery on the doll one.

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    I have been so inspired by your blog, I’m new to blogging but have found yours and have a peep every day! I’m an english quilter and love to read stuff from the USA…you have so much quilting going on there! Keep going…I love it!

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    Evelyn says

    Well, hand quilting IS more portable than a long-arm! So, it might be a good thing for you to do outside on a nice day, in the car, when you are visiting somewhere or even when you just want to sit in your comfy chair! And there is a different look of hand quilting – that is for sure! We hand quilt at my guild and I like the social aspect of us sitting around the quilt frame, all working away! Hope you feel better soon.


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    I’m the same way! Right now I’ve got a little 9 patch that I’m hand quilting. I wish I had more time for it. Enjoy…

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    pdudgeon says

    what a beautiful quilt!! I think you’re going to love working on your ‘old friend’.

    congrats on your new frame. i find that handquilting (just like knitting) is a very relaxing thing to do. When i get started and get in a grove, it goes faster than I think it will. it gives me a real sense of accomplishment and a connection to the quilters of the past.

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    My very first quilt took me 20 years to complete, so as they say in New York…………………..donworrybouit!

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    Marilyn says

    There’s just something about hand quilting. It’s very relaxing and tiring at the same time. Hope you feel better real soon.

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    Marla says

    I have a quilt that I started quilting on probably about 14 years ago. It is a nine patch with solid rose and blue and rose gingham with little mauve hearts. Yikes, what was I thinking! It has been sitting on my hopechest in the family room like a decoration. I remember working on when the news came on TV that Princess Diana died! I look at it now and then and try to get inspired to finish it. Maybe reading about yours will do it! I saw those hoops at the quilt show too and thought about one.

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    I love your handquilting – I have one quilt I would really like to do by hand, but am terrified of messing it up. Don’t quilts also get better with age? (so if it takes a long time to quilt, it will be phenomenal, right?)

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    CarolFun says

    Only 14 years — that’s no time at all – I have a quilt I’ve been handquilting for about 18 years – I use to work on it during the Olympics but I missed the last two, so maybe I’ll take it back up with the next Olypmics – maybe —