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Since I’ve had lots of thinking time the past few days, I came up with the idea to sell some things, in addition to my patterns and book, over on my Sunshine Quilts website. I’ve added extra wide backing fabrics and EQ items. It will take me a while to get the shipping costs worked out. I never charge more than what it actually costs me for the envelope and the shipping so if you order, just pay whatever Paypal tells you to pay and then I’ll refund whatever the difference is if it’s more than $1.00 for the shipping charges.

I prefer to use extra wide backing fabrics for my own quilts because (1) it’s easier to get everything straight and square and (2) for the most part, I like using my stash fabrics on the front of the quilt. We’re all entitled to our own preferences but the wide backing fabrics are my preference. I posted six fabrics that I currently have in stock (I always keep it for my longarm customers) and will add more if it seems to sell.

I sell it by the inch. If you have a quilt that is 75″ x 96″, the backing fabrics are about 108″ wide so you would only need to buy enough for the width . . which would be 75″ plus enough for shrinkage if you wash it and the extra needed for the edges.

About EQ, have you seen that they have the “Quilters Newsletter: Best of 2007” which will have 31 designs from 2007 issues of Quilters Newsletter? The quilts can be resized, redesigned, recolored, and I understand this works along with EQ or as a stand alone program. I am offering that program, the upgrade from EQ5 to EQ6, along with a couple of their new books.  I absolutely love EQ and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to all quilters who have even a little bit of computer knowledge.

Check it out and if you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate the business. Thanks!


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    Thanks Judy….that’s really nice of you to offer that to us. 🙂 How do you like those two EQ books. I just got the simplified one. I’m determined that by year’s end I will know how to use EQ proficiently.