Weekend Cleanup


Sunday afternoon Vince and Chad decided to get some yard work done. When those two get busy, they can get so much accomplished.


Saturday Vince even got the riding mower out! Guess where the keys were . . attached to the steering wheel with tape. I guess the mower had never been started! And, he filled it up with gas and cut the yard with it. Our almost 3 year old lawn mower has finally been used . . once!


Chad and Vince got all the vines out of the trees in back. These trees had been right on our back property line so we left the vines last year, kinda as a buffer between us and the land behind us. Now that we’ve bought that piece of land, we wanted it all cleaned out. I’m still working on where I can have a garden back there. Spring is so pretty!


It’s nice to have someone young and agile around to do the things old men don’t feel safe doing.


Wonder why Chad was at the doctor Monday morning to get a shot for poison ivy?


  1. 3

    pdudgeon says

    now you have his and his deuling lawnmowers!
    Gentlemen, start your engines!

    the yard looks great. they did a good job!

  2. 5


    The men in your life look so proud!! Give a man a mower and he’ll complain about mowing, Give a man a “key” to a mower, he’ll mow for life!!!