It’s CJ’s Fault

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <42 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 192 yards

Remember when you were in school and you wanted to do something and you always said “everyone else is doing it!” and my mom’s response was always “If everyone else jumps off the bridge, are you going to do it too?” I don’t think mom would use the bridge example with me these days but back then, I wasn’t afraid of bridges. Every day I expect to hear my mother say “If CJ jumps off the bridge, are you going to do it?”

It all started with the smoker. CJ had one and talked about all the yummy things she smoked and I just had to have one too. We love the smoker so much that CJ could’ve recommended almost anything and I’d go out and buy one. She did sell her home and move into a 5th wheel for a few years and I had no desire to do that and she did buy a few new Bernina sewing machines and embroidery machines and I have no desire to do that so Vince should be real happy that there are limits as to how much I’ll do that CJ does.

CJ had her grain mill for quite a while before I got mine but eventually, I had to have a grain mill too. When I made homemade bread from homemade flour, Vince was thinking CJ is pretty special too.

Then it was the food sealer (although I didn’t get the same model she bought) and the half gallon jars. Speaking of those, I’ve filled 10 cases of jars and have 10 more cases in at the local hardware store (along with my clothesline poles!).


This is a downstairs storage closet.


This is the bottom part of one of my kitchen cabinets upstairs.  I’ll finish putting everything in jars once I get the new load of jars picked up.

While lunch was simmering and I was waiting for Vince to get home, I went to CJ’s blog and she’s talking about a meat slicer!   I’m not going into details about my experience in the deli at a local grocery store but it’s very similar to my pizza story and I will not buy deli meat from the local grocery store any more.  There’s Wal-Mart and while I’m not 100% against (just 99.9%) shopping at Wal-Mart, ours has to be one of the dirtiest, nastiest Wal-Marts I’ve ever seen.

Just yesterday I was in Wal-Mart getting deli meat and cheese and thinking . . I have to come up with a better way to get deli meat.

So, back to CJ’s blog . . she’s talking about her meat slicer.  Vince walks in and I said “CJ . . ” and I can see him thinking I wish you’d stop reading her blog but I explained the whole situation — we can smoke our own roast beef and ham and whatever we want and slice it ourselves and not have to buy it from the deli — and he agreed.  So, this has been ordered and I’m never reading CJ’s blog again.  Just kidding! 🙂



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    I want to know where you store all of these appliances?! And where do you get so much energy?’m exhausted just thinking about it.

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    Judy, I think your toys are great. I use a vacumm packer on a regular basis. The meat slicer is also a great investment. I can’t talk myself into the grain mill, I can remember having to help grind wheat for my Grandmother, only it wasn’t electric, manual operation!!! I suppose I shouldn’t tell you about our meat grinder!!! We grind our own beef, pork for sausages, lotza better hamburger where we control the fat and water content. I think its great all the cooking and baking you do, I think our country is to dependent upon fast, readymade food.

    Karen L

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    Your food storage is looking great. Now you need to make sure you rotate it and use it before the expiration time….that’s what I am bad about. I buy and can for storage, then forget to rotate it and find expired food every so often.

    You are the energizer bunny of women!


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    That looks like the slicer we just bought for the salami and cheese we make. Works like an absolute charm and you will be happy, happy, happy.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    There is nothing better than grinding your wheat or other grains and making bread…yum! My husband does the cooking. At St. Patricks day we ALWAYS have corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread. My contribution is to grind the wheat in our whole grain mill. It is wonderful! We recently purchased a meat grinder because we couldn’t find ground lamb for making shepherd’s pie…but haven’t jump into the slicer yet. But enjoy! It is terrific to do things from scratch.

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    I’d be afraid I’d cut my finger off with that thing… in nice neat little circular slices… lol

    How’s Chad’s poison ivy?

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    Well, all I can say is —— now you know how we feel every time we click on your blog and you’re inspiring us with yet another new design! Yep, it’s all your fault!

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    I’ve had a meat slicer (not quite as fancy as yours) for years and don’t use it nearly enough. You just might inspire me to drag it out again. My DH is living on sandwiches and deli meat is rediculously expensive.
    You just need to share your secret for getting SO much done.

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    Since you included the link… CJ is selling a truck!

    Oh & I missed the pizza story or forgot about it, but pizza is one of the things that my baby is craving – those & grilled cheese sandwiches.

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    Evelyn says

    Believe or not – we have a seperate one of those just for slicing bread, plus the 1 for meat. You just might need 2 of them if you like to make those big round European style loafs of bread! The meat one is great for sandwiches – DH especially likes sliced roast pork sandwiches!


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    You are too funny, you have CJ, I have Jane and sometimes I use you!!! I love my meat slicer, not as fancy as yours but it works. Not only do I know how old the meat is, I know how it was prepared for cooking and what’s in it! I need to get using my smoker–again, not as fancy as yours. I’m not getting a grain mill! Not yet anyhow. 🙂

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    I feel real dumb. What’s in all the glass jars? Wheat? Looks like the jars my grandmother and mother used to make fig preserves. Of course, my favorite was the strawberry preserves made using figs and strawberry jello. Did you have that in Lake Charles?

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    What a great idea to put dry goods in canning jars! I spent 15 minutes doing it this morning and it saved a bunch of shelf space. We have tons of jars from when we canned years ago. Thanks for the tip.

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    I have some old half gallon jars of my grandmother that I put cereal into to keep fresh once the box is open.
    My mother said this size was used for home made vinegar and for lard.