Playing in the Kitchen

Net Stash Reduction Goal for 2008 – 150 yards
Net Used to Date – <42 yards>
Net Yards To Go – 192 yards

I’m so lucky that I love to cook and it’s a toss up for me whether I’d rather be quilting or cooking. Quilting usually wins out because I don’t have to clean up the mess. When I’m cooking, I get all tuckered out before I get the cleaning done and then I hate the cleaning part. I should try to do a better job of cleaning as I go but I usually have so much going on at once, I just don’t take the time to clean and cook at the same time. Heck. . I just don’t like cleaning. OK . . I admitted it!

This bread was so fun to make. It’s Sprouted Wheat Bread. I sprouted the wheat berries which took a couple of days. Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see the tiny little roots shotting off them.  The sprouted wheat isn’t ground in the mill — I’m just grounding regular wheat in the picture.

Sprouted Wheat

Sprouted Wheat

The bread turned out very nice so I’ll definitely make this recipe again.

Then I ground oatmeal to make oat flour (which was a pain because it kept clogging the mill) and white flour to make this Banana Crunch Coffee Cake. I have quite a few packages of frozen mashed bananas in the freezer that I put up in October, 07 when bananas were .25/pound. That’s a big difference in the price of bananas today, huh?

Banana Crunch Cake

Banana Crunch Cake

Ever wonder what my kitchen looks like in the middle of Monday when I’m doing my cooking for the entire week? I’ll admit this picture isn’t truly representative of a Monday morning in my kitchen because everything this week is easy.

Monday Cooking

Monday Cooking

What’s everything in the picture and how am I going to use it?

Back Row Left: Brisket – It’s being smoked. I’ll slice it, pour sauce over it. Half will go into the freezer and half will be used for lunch during the week.

Back Row Middle: Roasts – There are three – 11 pounds total. It’s being smoked. All will be sliced for sandwiches. We’re having French Dip sandwiches for dinner on Wednesday. Otherwise, most of it goes into the freezer.

Back Row Right: Spiral Cut Ham – Baking for dinner tonight, along with baked potatoes, green bean bundles and rolls.

Front Row Left: Chickens – They’re being smoked. Tuesday night we have smoked chicken for dinner. I’ll use some of it to make pizza, some will go into the freezer and be used for chicken salad or chicken enchiladas.

Front Row Right: Pork Roasts – They’re being roasted now. One will be used for dinner on Thursday night. One will go into the freezer.

Middle: Stuffed Peppers – Those were lunch for today . . they’re history!

Stuffed Smoker

Stuffed Smoker

Here’s one stuffed little smoker! I don’t usually put so much food in at once but I wanted the brisket to drip down onto the roasts and we love smoked chicken . . it’s kinda hard for me to smoke anything without sticking a chicken or two in there.

I always look for bargains in the grocery store. Most all of the meat was purchased when it was on sale and I had it in the freezer. Two of the roasts were purchased yesterday and the ham and one roast were purchased the end of last week. The chickens are “Smart Chickens“. I prefer these chickens over regular chickens. The local grocery has them on sale pretty often and I bought these two when they were “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” and had them in the freezer. The Smart Chickens are a bit more expensive usually but I think they’re so much better in quality and taste.

Anyone want to come to my house for lunch or dinner this week? 🙂


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    What are the Judy’s Dinner hours? I may be headed to Joplin soon and may have to stop over! 🙂
    Hey, can you tell me how 1.) you freeze your bananas and 2.) thaw them for baking?

  2. 3


    Me! ME! ME! I want to come for lunch!!! And maybe dinner too! YUMMO!
    DH and I are moving in just a few weeks and I have already told him I want a smoker , you may blame it on CJ, but I tell him I read it on your blog. LOL

  3. 4

    Pat says

    Heck…I want to come LIVE at your house!!! After 40+ years of doing all the cooking, I have recently announced to DH that I will only cook occasionally. He can only cook a very few simple things, so we are having a lot of sandwiches or bowls of cereal for dinner. I’m just SOOO tired of cooking, so I am retiring from it…at least for awhile! So…..your menus sound absolutely wonderful to me. 🙂

  4. 5


    Hey Judy, if you have a food processor, it sometimes is easier to put the oats in there for a couple of minutes to make the flour. And now I want one of those smokers…. that looks like serious fun!

  5. 6


    Heck, I’m not just coming for dinner. I’m moving in!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything looks wonderful! You rock, girl!

  6. 7


    Me, me, ooohhhh pick meeeeee! I promise I won’t be any trouble!!Wow what a feast. Makes me want to use my smoker more. Do you do it or does Vince run it? I usually have the DH do mine for me and it is not as often as I would run it. Maybe I need to get a little braver!

  7. 8


    Move on over everybody, I want to come live with Judy too!!!! You have the best meals ever! How lucky Vince and Chad are to have you as their chef everyday!!!

  8. 9

    Marilyn says

    Reservations for two, please? I will even do the dishes. LOL Where do you have your smoker? I know my husband would love one of those. Hmmm. Maybe a nice Christmas present?!

  9. 10

    Connie says

    ME ME ME! I wish some of you would rub off on me. If my family saw how you cook, they’d want it to rub off on me, too.

  10. 11

    Tina C. says

    Mmm, sign me up! Everything sounds great. I like how you are able to smoke everything at once. Clever girl!!

    Will you come cook for me????

  11. 12


    Can I come learn how to cook from you? Where do you find the time?

    Can we get the recipe for the Banana Crunch Cake please……… I love bananas :o)


  12. 13


    OMG Judy, LOL. I have NEVER stuffed my smoker to that extent, that’s awesome!

    If I get a day next week where I’m caught up enough with the rest of the food, I’ve got to try that.

    I’m with you on the smoked chicken, it’s absolutely to die for… and HOW do you keep your smoker that clean?