Don’t forget that we’re doing another Quiltathon this weekend. I’ll post a Mr. Linky box on Saturday evening and again on Sunday evening and everyone can link up with their blog posts for their own accomplishments.

Tomorrow I’ll be out of town all day so while I’m gone, will you please:

  • Get the laundry done (yours . . not mine!)
  • Vacuum your floors
  • Clean the toilets
  • Cook food for the weekend
  • Bake a cake or pie and make your family feel especially loved
  • Tidy up the sewing room a bit
  • Get all your projects lined up for the weekend. Make sure you know where all the necessary tools, pieces, instructions, etc. are located.

Did I miss anything? πŸ™‚ You can do it! Let’s accomplish a ton of stuff this weekend, ok?


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    ROFLOL. I was nodding along and agreeing with everything until I got to the “bake a cake or pie” part. I’ll check out the ready-to-bake pies at the market just for the occasion! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    June says

    Hey Judy!! I’m going to Sotterly Plantation quilt show on Saturday!! Not quilting, well not until evening after I’m inspired. This morning I’m meeting with my new quilt guild mini group to quilt until lunchtime so maybe that will count for tomorrow!! I’ll pass on the housework though!!! I can’t wait to quilt til I drop!!

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    I plan to be having a quilting day Saturday and then will do some more after work on Sunday. Let’s see Jim does the laundry while I work on Sunday, so that is covered…cooking..hmmm…take out! That’s it! Clean the toliets and the vacuuming..uhm…cleaning lady already did that…Guess all that’s really left is to tidy up the sewing room and get my projects lined up!

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    And aren’t I the lucky one. This is also the weekend for the Saturday Sewing Society so I have already scheduled all day Saturday to stitch………..