Stash Report

Sorry I almost forgot to do the stash report.  I was so upset about not getting to quilt during the Quiltathon.

I used 1 yard.  ONE measly little yard of fabric but I added nothing.  I’ve added my progress to my header so I’m not including it in this report any more. Is that ok with everyone?

How’d you all do?


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    pdudgeon says

    Judy i was getting worried about you !

    here’s my report:
    fabric in this week: 10 yards 24 inches
    fabric out this week: 13 yards 8 inches

    fabric in MTD: 10 yards 24 inches
    fabric out MTD: 17 yards 24 inches

    fabric in YTD: 83 yards 3.5 inches
    fabric out YTD: 122 yards 29 inches

    net busted 39 yards 25.5 inches.

    (if i just stop seeing fabric and having great ideas i might be able to make better progress.)

  2. 2


    I need help! I want to use up what I have but the pull to the store is SO strong!
    Help me, Judy! Help me!

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    I was annoyed and friven crazy by family stuff-hanging my head in shame. I didn’t even get near a needle. Hope you’ll let me join in next time. June is the birthday month(everyone’s) and we’re leaving for NC in a couple of weeks-everyone needs trip stuff and I’m the lucky one who gets to shop for everything(NOT!)

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    friven-adjective describing frustration surrounding family who cannot do anything without MOM. Sorry but I know you’ll understand this one.