Another Laptop Bites the Dust


I must be the world’s worst laptop owner. My poor Toshiba seems to be history. Back in July, 04 I bought a Compaq laptop and it lasted til December, 05. Thank goodness I had an extended warranty because it did something bad. Can’t remember what exactly happened but I blogged about the hassle I had with the warranty company. Office Depot was fantastic and just told me to pick a new one and I ended up with the Toshiba that I’ve loved for almost 2-1/2 years. This morning, out of the clear blue, the on/off button is dead. That’s probably easily solved but I think the hard drive or mother board is going out too. Thank goodness (again) I have an extended warranty so I’ll either end up with my computer refurbished or a new one but I’ll have to back it all up and hope to save everything, including all my iTunes music/books, etc. The big problem is going to be getting the computer turned on so it can be backed up. Vince said he’d help me with it tonight.

I handle bigger hassles in life much easier than I do the smaller ones. This is a small one but it’s caused chaos in the cave all day.

New glasses are ordered for Chad. Instead of driving over to Ft. Scott, we just had the eye doctor there fax Chad’s prescription and we ordered the glasses from Wal-Mart. Insurance isn’t paying for them since we only get new glasses every two years and these were just one year old. I asked Chad how he lost them. I kept thinking that if he was fishing, in a boat, using a fishing pole, and not diving for the fish, he shouldn’t have lost his glasses. Get this – he slapped at a bug on his face and slapped his glasses right off his face and into the lake.

I was afraid to ask how the camping trip went. Chad does everything at full speed and never thinks of the consequences. Guess it could’ve been worse. He burned his hand, burned his arm, broke a Coleman lantern, lost his glasses and hit a kid in the head with a clump of dirt while hitting golf balls into the lake! That’s all I’ve heard about so far. There’s probably more he just hasn’t remembered. Thankfully, he was only camping one night. This coming weekend, he goes camping for two nights.


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    None of the things that happened to Chad are funny in the least, but still I couldn’t help laughing because of the way you wrote it. Heck, I thought he’d gone camping for a week! The glasses landing in the lake just killed me. Both my kids were in Scouts, and I could rely on the fact that, without fail, my older boy would either burn himself or cut himself.

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    LOL. So sorry but Chad need’s padding! I think you should just sew him into a quilt next weekend. Poor guy I feel for him, I’m a total cluts myself!
    Sorry about the computer, made me think I should have goten the extended warrenty on mine to… Oh well. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

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    Poor Chad! Hmmm, maybe you should have ordered two pairs!

    Sorry about your laptop. I’ve been hesitant to get one because they seem to wear out awfully quickly.

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    Linda H says

    Judy, I don’t mean to be unkind, but it sounds like you have a source for a winning comedy routine there! I do hope his next camping trip goes more smoothly, for his sake and yours. I grew up tent camping every weekend, April through mid-December (hunting season ended later 60 years ago). We had some interesting times. Good memories. Mostly.

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    I’m not sure if it would be fun to camp at the next site along to Chad for the entertainment value, or steer well clear. LOL

    Poor Chad, he certainly had an eventful weekend. I hope his next camping weekend goes more smoothly. One day, he will laugh, as you’ve made us laugh.

    Good luck with your computer. Mine never seems to be quite right.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Two days? Two whole days camping?! Is Chad going to survive TWO WHOLE DAYS???? So you get to pace for TWO WHOLE DAYS? Or will you be able to concentrate on working in the cave? I sure hope you have plenty to take your mind off the scary weekend.

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    pdudgeon says

    yep, had a similar experience with my glasses years ago when we were crabbing in a creek. fortunately we had a dip net and someone with 20/20 vision wielding it, so i got my glasses back.
    I’ll second Vicky’s comment above–having an extra pair of glasses is a good idea.

    best wishes to Chad for his next camping weekend.

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    I am laughing so hard , out loud, about Chad. That’s just too funny! !

    Thanks. I needed the laugh. 🙂