We Accept Less than the Best



The other night when I made bread, Vince and I were talking about how so many things have evolved. Take bread for example. Our grandparents probably made all their own bread. Some may have ground their own wheat. But then, they were able to buy store bought bread and didn’t have to make their own bread. I guess they were happy about that. For us, the bread we buy doesn’t taste anything like the bread we make and when I do buy bread because I haven’t had time to make it, we just kinda shake our heads at the difference in taste and texture. I made popovers last night. They’re so simple . . kinda no fail and no yeast and no kneading and they’re so good.

Another example is eggs. My grandma had chickens and we always had fresh eggs when we were at her house. Mom bought store bought eggs.



The little white egg is a store bought large egg. The brown eggs came from a local chicken.

The store bought eggs are watery and thin. These fresh eggs are amazingly different from the store bought eggs. When mom bought the eggs at the store way back when (ok . . in the 60’s) and then we ate eggs on weekends at my grandma’s, did we notice the huge difference? I was a kid and I didn’t so either there wasn’t so much of a difference back then or my parents just didn’t care because they didn’t want to mess with chickens of their own.

I call the quilt shop and she tells a local quilter who has chickens and next thing I know, the eggs are at the quilt shop waiting for me. How many of you can do that in your town?? Told you this is a great place to live!


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    Judy, I won’t do chickens anymore, as a kid those “old bitty hens” did not want to surrender there eggs and I have the battle scars to prove it. But yes there is a difference eggs, right off the farm is the best.

    On the popover front, get a pan special for popovers, there deeper and the pop overs won’t tip over, my got way better after I quit using a muffin tin.

    Karen L

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    The Fabric Store is the last place on earth that I’d think to call looking for some eggs… but now that I thnk about it after reading your post, I guess that would be a good resourse -after all LQS know their customers… and chances are a farmers wife is also a quilter.

    I am so glad you love living where you are! 🙂 Isn’t it great when life works out that way?

    Love form Texas! ~bonnie

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    I can tell the difference in store vs local eggs…we can get eggs, honey and local produce (Jul-Sep) that is much better than the store.

    I actually found my honey supplier at quilt meeting

    Love living in Utah!

    The popovers look yummy!


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    I’m headed to Joplin on Saturday, do you think if I drop by that same quilt shop they’ll have me some eggs and some of your bread?!? 🙂

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Judy, my DH is teaching tonight how to make bread at church! Two recipes-Irish Soda bread and Irish whole meal bread. I ground the wheat to flour yesterday (made 25 cups of flour). Homemade is so much better.

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    Evelyn says

    I make popovers all the time and really like my “mini” popover pans – so easy to make and yummy with a bit of jam. Mmmm. The eggs in Canada have very hard shells compared to the USA eggs. We always got eggs from the farmer when I was little and often we would get double-yolked eggs!