Sunday Stash Report

Nothing added this week and I used 17 yards.

How’d you do? Do you realize that this is the last report for May, then one more month and 2008 will be halfway over? Oh, wait . . maybe we shouldn’t think about that. If you had a goal for stashbusting in 2008, are you halfway there? Can you get halfway there by the end of June? Good luck stashbusters!


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    I have enjoyed catching up with your blog Judy 🙂
    Well – I need to use more stash, indeed, and I will be back in the swing of things before long – I hope, I dream, I promise LOL
    It is not that I have not used anything, but the before mentioned trip in April sure added to the fabric collection, as have several purchases after…..
    I don’t keep very good track of the yards, but it takes only a glance of an eye to see that action has to be taken.
    I dream about going back to USA next spring or the year after, so I need to make room for fabric and to keep $$ in my purse. Can you see, I have a plan ? 🙂

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    I doubt I can bust 31 yards in June, but I’m going to give it the old college try! That will bring me back to a zero starting point – assuming I don’t buy anything in June. Tall order, for sure! LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    report for the week:
    fabric in this week: 14 yds 20 inches
    fabric out this week: 5 yards 18 inches

    fabric in for the month: 25 yards 8 inches
    fabric out for the month: 23 yards 12.5 inches

    fabrid in YTD: 97 yds. 23.5 inches
    fabric out YTD: 128 yds 17 inches

    net used 30 yards 21 inches

    my good friend Florence gifted me with 12 yards of lovely Azalea Trails fabric from P&B. this is an old line with hardly any left in circulation, so i feel fortunate indeed, and added it into the ‘fabric in’ totals for this week.
    as for reaching goals, i haven’t reduced the stash as much as i would like, but i have definitely used more fabric than my goal, which is a good thing. The year isn’t up yet!

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    Lori says

    Almost half way thru the year already. Guess I better put my nose to the grindstone and sew! But noticed you didn’t ADD any fabric this week Judy!!

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    I don’t have an actual goal in yardage but I do have an ongoing goal to use what I have on hand. I’m actually back to work more or less after the move and feel like I’m making some progress. I plan to take a good part of June and July when I’m not traveling and work on finishing some of my own quilts which will increase the yardage being used.

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    17 yards is awesome! WTG! I don’t have a certain goal…other than to be in the positive…lol. I’ve had a rough last two weeks, and this weekend I had all this productivity planned, but my body feels as if it has hit a brick wall and crashed. I’ll be back on track soon…

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    pdudgeon says

    Sue R mentioned something important in her blog about how the positive support we have from our family and our fellow quilters plays an important part in our stash busting efforts.
    i’m lucky to have positive support at home, but negative reactions among my fellow quilters in real life.
    so a big thanks goes out to Judy and all the other quilters here for the encouragement to keep on busting our stash.

  8. 10

    kim says

    bought 2 yards for a quilt to finish this week but I did finally finish all the GS quilts before the party this Wed nite 🙂