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This is always one of my favorite issues of American Quilter because it has all the winning quilts from the Paducah quilt show.  But, I have a pattern in this issue.  If you don’t receive this magazine, you might check it out at the book stores.  The pictures of the winning quilts are so inspiring and who wouldn’t want to buy the magazine just to get my pattern? 🙂
It is always fun to see my own quilt in a magazine and I’m very honored that American Quilter chose to use one of my designs.


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    Guess I’d better go check my mailbox. I haven’t emptied it all week! LOL

    Congrats on being published yet again! Your work is amazing!

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    I would most definitely buy it just to get your free pattern! It looks like a trip to Barnes and Noble is in order! Congratulations, Judy!

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    Congratulations 🙂
    Magazines are usually quite delayed getting here, but sooner or later I hope to see your pattern.

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    Congratulations! I just got my issue of AQS the other day, saw your pattern in there, meant to write to you, and then forgot to! I love it! When your last pattern was published, Nine Patch Topsy Turvy, I went back through some of my older AQS magazines and found another one by you. Any idea how many times you’ve been published? Do you keep track of which issues you were published in? I have a pretty good collection of back issues and would love to find more.

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    Cool! I have this in my stack of magazines to read while I am exercising – I’ll move it to the top of the pile now!

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    I got that issue in the mail the other day… I’ll have to look up your pattern.

    Also, could you email me privately and let me know what your email address is?

    Thank you,

    Nancy (working diligently on her quilt for an hour project )

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    My goodness, girl, your skills are showing up all over the place! I KNOW it’s fun for you, but it’s also fun for those of us know ‘know’ you, via the Internet!

    Excellent work on your part.