Quilt Lessons in Lafayette, LA?

I know there are some Louisiana girls who read my blog.  My sister lives in New Iberia and mentioned that she might want to take quilting lessons.  This girl can’t even sew on a button — her husband does all that for her!  If she’s thinking of learning to quilt, we need to get her signed up today!

Anyone know of any shops in the area that you’d recommend for beginner lessons?  Also, she needs a sewing machine.  I recommended she start with a Janome Gem type machine.  Was that a good recommendation?


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    Janome Gem is a great begginner machine, my minigroup uses them and they are very portable for when she hauls them to classes.

    Congratulations on being published in a magazine, I’ll try to buy one next time I’m at the grocery store.

    Karen L

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    Cindy says

    I agree the Janome Gem is a great beginner machine! I’ve had mine for about 3 years and love it. I have the platinum gem but I know there is the Janome gold. I’m not sure what the differences are, but either would be a great machine.

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    Ginger’s in Lafayette was the only shop there when I looked a couple of years ago. Is it too far for her to go to Lake Charles? I agree, the Jem is a good machine for her to learn on.

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    Linda says

    I have the gem gold, mostly for classes but I use it at home as well. I love it, you can buy a “quilters” package to go with it…I think it has a 1/4″ foot as well as an extended bed….probably other stuff as well but those were the things that I was interested in (but didn’t get as they wouldn’t give me a deal….it was a sewing store not a quilt shop and NOT helpful at all!)

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    I bought the Platinum Jem last year as a 2nd machine and to carry around. I love it for piecing, my only question would be whether she plans on doing ANY machine quilting…the throat is pretty small and I haven’t tried any freemotion quilting on it.

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    I had two thoughts. First, have her call Ginger’s Needleworks on Gloria Switch Rd. I don’t think that they teach classes, but might have a name of someone who does. Ginger’s has a website (www.quiltknit.com) There is also guild Quilters’ Guild Acadienne (www.quiltersguildacadienne.org) They may have the names of teachers. Good luck!

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    Hi Judy, I live in Lafayette and right now as far as I know I’m the only one teaching beginner quilting here. I’m a member of Quilters’ Guild Acadienne. The guild does not offer classes. Ginger’s has my name for quilt classes but they do not have teaching in their shop. We do have a new quilt shop opening here on June 3rd, it will be called Borne to Quilt (a friend of mine is the owner! We are so excited! I was asked to teach some classes there but have not gotten that all figured out yet. I teach in my own workshop which is a building out behind my home. I have a class that is full in June (it is my Basic Beginner class) and I’m thinking of offering another in the fall if I have enough students. I am teaching my SILs to quilt right now and they also did not know how to sew a button, so the class for them is what I call Cobblestones, it is mostly learning 1/4 inch seams and cutting with the rotary cutter, very simple stuff. Have your sister email me if she is interested. I would love to teach her. Also there is a quilt guild in New Iberia. I am teaching another lady from there in my June class. I don’t know the name of the guild right now but I can find out if you would like. Terry

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    Liz says

    Judy, I live in Iowa, Louisiana and have a Husqvarna/Viking sewing machine. I go to “Brambleberry Lane” in Opelousas to get it serviced. I don’t know if they have any beginner classes or not but they do have really cute fabric. Liz

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    Liz says

    Forgot to say they also sale the Husqvarna machines there and the people that run the store are great to deal with.

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    Paula says

    I am moving to Lafayette LA this summer from Texas. Have been quilting for the last five years. Learned up in Calgary Canada where it is nice to work on a warm quilt. I will need some quilting contacts once we get settled. I have Husqvarna only because that is what I was introduced to but like them.

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    My wife, Renee, and I (really her) opened a quilt shop in Lafayette on June 16 -The Borne Quilter. Classes are being offered. Our next beginning quilter class starts August 14 and runs for 6 weeks, or so. Call the store at 337-408-3730, Tuesday through Saturday.

    We have a preliminary website, which should be full fledged with all the bells and whistles in another month or so.

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    Mona says

    Although I live in TX now, I visit The Borne Quilter whenever I am in Lafayette. The shop has a little bit of everything for people having different tastes, and Renee and Janie are so helpful and just delightful to chat with. I haven’t taken any classes there, but if the teachers are anything like the owner and staff, the class would be a pleasant experience.

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    Deb Putman says

    I am going to be in the Lafayette area the day after Thansgiving and would like any input I can get on quilt shops to visit that day. Any suggestions???

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    Kay says


    I am also interested in learning to quilt classes for beginners.I do not have a sewing machine. I would like to see all what is involved in making a quilt but I think this is something I would enjoy. I love to cross stitch but I am looking to add something new in my life. I am in the Iota area. Please all information is greatly appreciated

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    Denise says

    I teach quilting classes at The Borne Quilter in Lafayette, Louisiana. There are new classes starting regularly… the next beginner class starts June 12, 2012.