Who’s Messing with My Calendar?



Where has this week gone?  How did it get to be Friday already?  Maybe I’m just losing what small portion of my mind was left.  This morning while in the shower, I thought . . Oh, my goodness!  Today is Wednesday.  Chad has a haircut appointment today.  He went yesterday.  Lori must’ve thought he was nuts! I planned to ask Chad if Lori looked at him funny when he walked in and then break the news to him that he had gone to get his hair cut a day early. Before mentioning it to Chad, I somehow figured out (incorrectly) that today is Thursday.

Later Chad was upstairs, standing with his head in the fridge looking for something to eat and he asked what I planned to do with the leftover pork chops.  I told him they were for Vince’s lunch tomorrow.  Chad said . . Saturday?? (On weekends, we normally have brunch about 10:30 and then eat an early dinner and don’t have lunch.)  I looked at him kinda funny and said . . Today isn’t Friday, is it? Yep, today is Friday.  How on earth did I completely lose two days this week?

Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me that day after tomorrow will be June 1!    Time is just flying past me and . . well, something just has to be done about this!


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    Time must be whipping by here in Utah too…I got up 3 days in a row thinking it was Thursday and Daughter was graduating!

    You are such a busy lady…maybe you just went so quick you moved forward into the future and left everyone else behind!

    Glad your son is home and safe. He’s lucky he has a mom who thinks about and misses him!


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    Judy, you are so funny!!! 😛 Good thing you got it figured out or tomrrow am the guys would have been thrown off tracking wondering wehre brunch was!

    I’ve missed your posts since the HAD was over… glad you are back.

    Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    mary says

    Glad i’m not the only one who is confused. I hate those holiday weeks when Monday comes on Tuesday etc. I cooked dinner for friends Wed. eve. When they were late, we called them and they said the invitation was for Thursday. Luckily spaghetti sauce is best the 2nd day. LOL
    and How did it get to be the end of May already. And for that ……..How did I get to be 61. LOL

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    Evelyn says

    That is a problem I’ve been having lately too! May is such a busy time with the gardening and work – and now LB has had pre-school graduation, oh my!


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    Diana in Illinois says

    Judy, you are so funny!! However, I feel the same way lately. I so look forward to Fridays because I usually quilt Friday through Monday, (I baby-sit the other 3 days), and lately it is Friday before I turn around!!
    I love your blog and all the cookin’ you do!
    (and I think you are VERY generous with your charity quilting!!!!!)
    Ignore faultfinding people… you are great!!
    diana in Illinois

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    At least you know what week it is, I usually forget to flip the calender to the new week, so I’m usually a week behind. And yes, the first 5 months of this year have gone by really fast.

    Karen L