If I Start it . .

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn with the longarm is that when I start something that is so fun and exciting, it may not be so fun and exciting by the time I get to the end of the quilt, especially when the quilt is about 90″ x 105″. I was determined to do this quilt without doing feathers because I do feathers on almost everything. Cross-hatching looked like a good thing to do but I don’t think I’ll ever get finished. I did get a handy dandy cross-hatch ruler at MQS from Off the Edge Quilting and it helps a whole lot!

And, look at this haircut, will ya?


This was his Mom, do you have to take a picture? look as he was leaving to go to some event this morning.

When I went out with Speck this afternoon, there was this woodpecker in a dead tree across the creek from our house.

Isn’t he pretty? Dang, I wonder if they get headaches with all that constant pounding against a tree. It gives me a headache just watching them.

And, as we sat down to eat dinner, we looked out the window and this little deer was out there. I tried to sneak around and get a picture but it’s kinda blurry because I was in a rush.


Oops . . a human! Better run off into the woods!



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    The haircut looks great and just keep reminding him how much easier short hair is to keep looking nice on a daily basis. I think it something about boys and that “take my picture” look.

    PS A person gets tired of doing all large quilts no matter what you do on them. Sometimes the end can’t come soon enough!!

    Karen L

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    neen says

    Man alive, Chad looks so spiffy in all of his spiffi-ness!!! Mama, I hope you realize that some little gal is gonna scoff him up, one of these days…

    My DSIL and I have decided that your neighborhood deer is a cross between a white tail deer and a llama! Look at the neck on that critter!!!!

    Good luck on that gigantic quilt. You can do it, Judy!!


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    I knew I saw the Heavens open up and heard, “Hallelujah!” That young man looks quite handsome, indeed!

    Back to working on my QFH quilt! Busting that stash, baby!