Why Am I Stash Busting?

After reading Vicky’s stash report, I got to thinking about this stash busting idea. Maybe it’s a bad idea! Maybe we should go on a buying binge today!

So far this year I’ve added 198 yards. For calculation purposes, I rounded it up to 200 yards. Just say I spent $8.00/yard. Some is more, some is less. Most of mine is less because I generally buy only tone on tone fabrics and I try to buy when it’s on sale. So, 200 yards x $8/yard is $1,600.

Using an online calculator, I figured that if I stuck that $1,600 in the bank and earned about 5% interest on it, at the end of 10 years, it would have grown to a whopping $2,635.

Also figuring that since fabric has just about doubled in cost in the past 10 years, suppose fabric goes from an average of $8.00/yard (I know . . it’s already more than that everywhere but I used that figure because so much of my fabric was purchased on sale) to $14.00/yard. Honestly, it will probably be more like $18 or $20/yard in 10 years at the rate it’s going. But, for the sake of my little calculation here, 200 yards x $14.00 = $2,800. I’ve lost money by not buying fabric!

I’ve really always know that a great stash is a good investment but think about it —

  • With the cost of fabric always on the rise, we’re actually saving money by buying more now. (Can someone explain that to my husband, please?)
  • With a great stash, I can accomplish so much more because I don’t have to waste my time by running out to look for the perfect fabric when I want to make a quilt.
  • With a great stash, I’m saving gas because I don’t have to go shopping on a whim. I can just buy in huge quantities when I buy and save on trips to the quilt shop.
  • The best reason of all – I love my stash and I love seeing it and I love touching it and I just love knowing it’s there waiting for me.

So, will I continue to bust my stash? Yes, I will. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from being able to make quilts from the stash. Plus, the shelves are full and it’s really hard to find a place for anything new right now.

Will I continue to buy fabric? Yes, I will. Because it’s a good investment and being the frugal person that I am, I want to make good use of my money and I want to make good investments! 🙂


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    I’m officially adopting your reasoning on the bust-purchase question! LOL. And I wholeheartedly agree with your third and BEST reason – just knowing it’s there and being able to see it and touch it is somehow so comforting!

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    What I want to know is where you can get 5% on your money???? The banks here aren’t anywhere close to that.

    Why I like to have a stash, is what happens if there is shortages of fabric for some unknown reason, I’ll still be able to make quilts with what I’m acquiring now. Or what happens if the fabric companies go on an “ugly colors and patterns” printing binge. With my great looking stash, I’ll be ready for that. So I’m not into “busting” the stash, I’m preparing for the future.

    Karen L

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    Cindy B says

    I’ve always wondered why buy fabric and then fret about getting it used. In 10 years I may not be able to buy fabric so I’m stashing while I can.

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    Carol Kimble says

    Love your reasoning! You are a woman after my own heart and I am heading out to buy! I knew there was a good reason I couldn’t purposely get with stash busting. Love your blog1

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    My reason for busting stash is to “get rid” of the pieces I no longer LOVE. I’m a TOT and hand dyed gal. That’s where I make my most striking quilts. But I have lots of “eh” fabrics now, need to get rid of them.

    I won’t stop dyeing fabric in the name of stash busting – I’m already planning to buy over 100 yards in the next week or so. The most expensive yard is about $3. Dyed? Oh, it’s worth about $20/yard. Talk about $$$ growth! 😉

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    My best reasons for busting stash:

    1. I need to make room in my home
    2. A lot of the old fabrics are not on my favourite list anymore.
    3. I need to make room for new favourite fabrics 🙂
    4. It is nice to save some money to use for other good things as well. I want to travel more 🙂
    5. I have more fabrics than I can use in years, right here.

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    I have been doing this since I retired at the age of 51! ROTFLMAO–I just never put it to print! I agree with you 100% and then some…hubby doesnt see eye to eye with me but that is ok..it is my play money and he has his…I crochet (a lot for lots of reasons) so I have two immense stashes and I am happy to have them! another on plus side –they are in separate places and help keep fuel bills down in the winter (what little we get of that down here) ,. *~*CAROLE*~*

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    I only see a few small flaws in your logic. If you are saving money by locking in today’s lower fabric prices, you are assuming that you will eventually use all of the fabric you have bought. I see some of the stashes people have, and if they sewed 24/7 until the day they died, they could never use that much. Another issue is that people will start using fabric randomly just to get it out of their stash , weaving it into rugs, making bed linens, anything in the name of stash busting. Last, but not least, styles change. The fabric that you stash today could be out of fashion when you get around to using it.

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    EXCELLENT! Now I have some concrete numbers to present to the husband next time he asks why I need yet another rubbermaid tub for my closet. ~jen~

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    The way the economy is right now, I tell hubby that I need my stash in case I lose my job. I wouldn’t be able to afford any new stuff, but I’d have plenty to keep me busy until I found something new. Although if I got to sew all day, every day, I may not be in too much of a hurry to find a new job. :0)

    A LQS here always has in their newsletter a comparison of fabric to ______ (enter a guy category like cost of tools, racing, motorcycles, golfing, etc). It’s very interesting. I have a lot more spending to do before I catch up to what hubby has spent on tools and racing!

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    pdudgeon says

    CHARGE!!!!!!!!!! yippie *S*

    i love punching those buttons and seeing pages and pages of fabric whizzing by, filling a shopping cart, and keeping those UPS guys comming to my door.
    (besides, my birthday is comming up this week. and who knows better than i do which fabric i want, hummmm?)

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    pdudgeon says

    ps. as a dedicated quilter, i must uphold my image, support all the cotton mills and workers, keep those quilt stores open, and spend money on quilting stuff!

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    I figure fabric is non-fattening and I get the same ‘rush’ buying fabric as I do eating chocolate but the fabric lasts a WHOLE lot longer!!!

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    I love your reasoning, but here in Australia “current” fabric is already about $22 per metre (40″). Sometimes up to $26. If you want Yuwa’s then you’re looking anywhere from $33 to $45/m.

    Perhaps I should shop more before it hits $50? LOL

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    Love all of your reasons. Guess, if it makes me happy, it makes me happy. It’s what I want to spend my money on. Great post! Let’s just enjoy our fabric and projects!

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    That is, hands down, the best dang job of reasoning and rationalizing I have ever seen. You need a title or an award or something.


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    Linda says

    with interest rates hovering around 3% now, buying fabric is an even better investment!!! At the rate the price of everything is increasing I probably won’t be able to buy any when we’re both retired. I’m not even sure we’ll be able heat our house in the winter AND eat!! TOO dismal a prospect to even think about.

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    What happens if there is a disaster and all the fabric stores closed down…I have to keep my family clothed and warm in the Winter.

    Love the post!


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    Carole says

    I used some of our stimulus check to stimulate my stash–I believe I got more value than the bank would have given me and at least for the most part, I am keeping my money in the US! I just love your reasoning. KUDOS to you!