Not sure if this is the same one from yesterday or not but this guy spent quite a bit of time in my back yard and Chad was able to get about 10 feet from him.  This is when I wish I’d cleaned my windows as I was taking this picture out one of the windows on the ramp/back side of the garage.


Dang it!  He sees me.  So he wanders off around the back side of the pole barn and comes up on the other side where there’s some taller weeds.  I went outside and took this picture.


And, speaking of wildlife .  .


I was out in the garage taking pictures of the deer in the back yard and I turned around and Chad had walked out behind me.  What’s with the tie and T-shirt?  I guess he was just playing dress up because I later saw him with a different tie . . same T-shirt.  He never left the house today . . thank goodness!


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    I love seeing the wildlife! That is something I really miss since we moved to Florida. We have wildlife here….but it’s different.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

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    Chad and the deer look cute! I love the tie and t-shirt.

    Maybe Chad saw where wearing ties is at the all time low. He’s just doing his part. Wade wears a tie every day to work.