It’s always obvious on my blog when I am (1) not quilting at all or (2) quilting on quilts for others because I have nothing quilt related to post. I will get this big quilt finished today so I can sew during Quiltathon tomorrow and Thursday.

Last week Chad came in with a berry he’d found on a tree in the back yard. Last year at this time, we hadn’t bought that lot behind us so we never went back there. He asked me if it was something we could eat and I didn’t know.


Sunday Vince came in all excited about the berries he’d found. I went out and looked at the tree and remembered that one of my grandma’s friends had a tree just like this and as kids, we would climb up in the tree and just sit there and eat berries til we couldn’t eat another one. Then we’d climb down the tree, face the wrath of mom or my grandma because our clothes were covered in berry juice, then go home and wait for the tummy ache to begin because we’d eaten way too many berries. I had to call my mom and dad yesterday to find out what kind of berries they are. I always called them huckleberries but I knew that was wrong but I never could remember the right name. They’re mulberries and our trees are just loaded with them.


This is part of what’s keeping the deer in my back yard. Chad went out and picked a few but then I explained to him that you put a sheet on the ground, shake the tree and then you have more than you can eat. He must’ve shaken the tree quite a bit because he came in with buckets of them.

I made a mulberry cobbler.


And we had cobbler and ice cream.


Yum! So, yesterday we had mulberries from the back yard and asparagus, even though it was one spear, from the back yard. Can’t actually say we’re living off the land but . . it’s a start! πŸ™‚


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    I know only 2 things about mulberries:
    1. Their pollen is highly allergenic and
    2. Birds love to eat the berries, then poop purplish messy poops all over my clean laundry. :o)

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    Goodness! Now all I can think of is where in town can I find a mulberry tree? I know I’ve seen them! LOL Lovely pictures! I like the tie/t-shirt combo. πŸ™‚

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    pdudgeon says

    mulberries are a favorite of mocking birds too.

    the cobbler looks delicious. So when are you going to start making jam with that wonderful crop of fruit?

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Oh my, flash back! There was a mulberry tree at the top of my street growing up. I sure did spend a lot of time up in that tree and eating and getting royally purple lips and fingers.
    That cobbler looks devine!

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    You can eat them!?!?! My parents were not telling me the truth when I was a kid! My daddy built my tree house in the mulberry tree in our back yard… mainly b/c it had low enough branches that we kids could easily climb that tree… however, after mom found out he had stared in that tree she would forever regret it – b/c we’d have mulberry stains all over our feet from going barefoot. Oh the countless summers we played in that tree house… and all this time, we never at the berries! We were told that they were poisioness… probably, our parently told us they’d make us sick and one of the older cousins told us that we’d die if we ate one… and so that is all I remember πŸ˜‰

    That cobler with ice cream looks good! That was probably the first of many for the summer. Seems like you are off to a good start of living off the land & trees! πŸ˜‰

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    silkworms like mulberry leaves… the kids around here all seem to grow silkworms in the 4th grade or so, and I had mulberry-scouting duty for a couple of friends a while back. I haven’t seen berries on any of the ones here, though.

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    my dad always called the mulberries around our house “weed” trees. Cause he could never get rid of them i suppose. Mom hated them too but the darn things would never die! Grandma used to make jelly and pies out of them. I always loved to pick them but they were not very tasty to me. So i’d pick and let every one else eat them, it gave me an excuse to climb trees, one of my favorite pasttimes as a kid.

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    Betty J in OKC says

    I wish my Mom would’ve made mulberry cobbler. We had a blackberry bush in our grapevines and I’d pick the blackberries, when I’d see them, and at the end of summer, I’d finally have enough for a blackberry cobbler. I think I learned patience that way. LOL!

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    Evelyn says

    Years ago it was a valuable thing to have a fruit tree in your yard – and people would eat things that were in season only – no shipping fresh fruit from foreign countries. With the price of gas – we may soon return to that thinking! I know we have OLD apple trees, but I am planning on planting some newer ones in the near future.

    Your cooking looks as yummy as ever!