One is a Lonely Number

We moved to Kentucky from Louisiana in October, 1997. October is smack dab in the middle of crawfish season and we usually had them at least once a week. We truly suffered from withdrawals but one day Chad, who was 9 at the time, found a crawfish hole. This is what they look like for those who might not know.


He came in and got a spoon, dug around in the mud and found the crawfish. He came walking into the house holding that one crawfish and said “Can we cook him?” We didn’t but when Chad was camping in Arkansas Memorial Day Weekend, they did find some crawfish and he cooked them on the grill and ate them.

I love asparagus . . not as much as I love crawfish but it may be a close second. I’ve always wanted to plant some and Vince always says you have to be here three years and we won’t be here that long. We were in Kentucky nine years! When we moved here, one of the very first things I did was plant asparagus. I didn’t harvest any of them last summer but I read that I can harvest a few this year and harvest a bunch next year.

I was outside watering the plants yesterday and just couldn’t help myself. I snapped this one spear! I think I felt like Chad must’ve felt when he found that one crawfish. I had just made fried rice in this pot and threw the asparagus in there, sauteed it lightly; gave half to Vince and I ate half. Thank goodness Chad doesn’t like asparagus!




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    If you’d have saved that crawfish to put with the asparagus, it’d have been quite a meal! πŸ™‚

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    Fresh asparagus is such a treat, having in the backyard is even more of a treat. Next year you’ll have more, but the 4th year, you’ll have great big fat spears. Tell Vince he can’t move until you get them fat spears.

    Karen L

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    Sandy says

    What a feast you and Vince had! I’ve never tasted crawfish, but the first feed of asparagus in the spring has to be one of my favorite foods. Where we have been living for the past ten years, we are fortunate to be only a five-minute drive from a large asparagus field. Nothing like making a meal of asparagus that was picked that morning. Yummmm!

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    Connie says

    So, why do you have to wait so long? I never knew that. I love asparagus, as do DH and two of the dudes.

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    I didn’t know that about crawfish, but then I’ve never tasted one! I love fresh asparagus too. My niece in Iowa says she has farm trucks that park on the corner to sell it…they’ve had alot of asparagus the last few weeks.


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    Crawfish — ew!!! But asparagus — yum!!! I have to say, that lonely spear in the pan is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. When we only had a very few spears in the early years of our former garden, we would have them raw on a salad. The young slender ones are sooooo tender.

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    You’re nicer than I am – I would not have shared the asparagus… πŸ˜›

    Since moving here, David has come to love crawfish, however I don’t care for them which makes more for him to eat!

    and speaking of 3 years… beofre moving to TX we had never lived anywhere over 3 years and thoguth the same abotu Texas… well here we are 3 years later and it seems like just last summer! It’s looking like we may be here a while longer – perhaps we need to refinance the house b/c we did a 7 year ARM —- b/c we never live anywhere longer than 2 years! πŸ˜›

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    I am so with you on the asparagus. One of God’s best ideas. That spear looks so lonely! Just think how much you’re going to enjoy the harvest next year….

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    I think I had crawfish at Bubba Gumps in Houston one year, but I’m not even sure about that. How do you cook them? BTW, I cooked up your red beans and rice, and just about ate myself silly! YUM!

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    Linda R says

    It looks so lonely!!! But you can look forward to more in coming years. Our patch is a few years old now and while we don’t get that much from it, there’s always 3-4 good meals for us before we stop cutting for the year. My husband brought home one, lone crawfish from one of his fishing treks to the lake and had to cook it. He said it was good but it was only one so I’ll never know.


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    Well I’ll be darned. Jim and I see those little mud thingies all over the place down here in Arkansas, and wondered what the heck they were! We’ve never seen them in Missouri… there’s crawfish in those? LOL

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    Cindy says

    I LOVE crawfish! Etoufee, pie, jambalaya or just boiled and dumped out onto a newspaper covered picnic table.

    Good eats, ‘cher!

    Asparagus is best sauted in butter and mixed with scrambled eggs.

    Darnit, now I’m hungry.

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    I love crawfish, too. As you know I’m from LA. I didn’t realize crawfish season was in October. No wonder the AC guy looked at me odd the other day when I said right now is crawfish season in LA. My sister coordinates the Mudbug Festival in Shreveport in May every year, so I figured crawfish season was during that time.

    I like asparagus, too.