Post-It Tape

Disclaimer: Vince works for 3M so I might be just a bit biased in my opinion of their products!


This is the Post-It Tape that I love for labeling everything.  It comes in 1″ width, which says it is for writing 6 lines and it comes in a more narrow version which I think is for writing 2 lines.  Several have written me that they’re having a hard time finding it.  Office Depot has it on their website (here) but I’m not sure they have it in their store.  The size I use comes on a 700″ roll and I haven’t made much of a dent in the one roll I’ve been using forever.

My friend, Elaine, was the one who showed me how great it is for labeling blocks and cut fabrics.  It stays on til I’m ready for it to come off, then it peels right off and leaves behind no sticky residue.


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    TY-TY-Thank You! for posting again on this 3M tape and also for the link to where to buy some. I may very well have to order it on line 🙂

    I did get your emial. You are so kind to take the time to do that for me. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

    PS – I love your “you catch ’em, YOU clean ’em” Rule! No one here fishes… but I’m adopting your rule anyway for just in case. 😛

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    Peggy says

    Could they possible have the tape at Wal-Mart in Nevada. I’m along way from Office Depot.