Weekend in Review

This weekend was the Bushwhacker Days in Nevada. The weather for Friday & Saturday was great festival weather. Thanks Mother Nature! 🙂

The festival is held downtown on the courthouse square.  Isn’t our courthouse beautiful?


There were quite a few bands that played during the four day festival. My favorite, although I didn’t hear them all, was the Outlaw Junkies group. Here they were on stage Friday night.


Here are a couple of the bushwhacker guys running around on Saturday.


There was a car show and look at this! Don’t you think my little Honda would look good painted this color? Don’t answer that!


Chad went fishing this afternoon and this is what he showed up with . . tonight at 10:30!


Quite a few years ago (back when I was a good wife!), we rented a cabin on a lake in Indiana. Vince and Chad had a fishing guide and went fishing the entire day. I spent the entire day alone in the cabin with my sewing machine . . and enjoyed every minute of it. Vince and Chad arrived back at the cabin about 10 p.m. with two ice chests full of fish. The guide dropped them off and left. Vince said . . uh . . I don’t know how to filet fish. You gotta be kidding. He bought a filet knife but I’d only done it using an electric knife. The area where the cabin was located had a little fish cleaning room down by the lake and at 3 a.m. I was still down there cleaning fish. After that night, we had a rule . . you catch it — you clean it!

So, here’s Chad, sitting on the back deck at 10:30 getting ready to clean his fish.


Last, but surely not least . . I finished all 13 of my blocks and I love them all!


Here it is almost 1:00 a.m. again so the one thing left off of the weekend activities was sleep! Goodnight!!


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    I love the pic of Chad and his fish! Nice catch BTW. My husband goes fishing but I never see any fish (what is up with that?) I love your star blocks. You sure get a lot accomplished quickly!

  2. 4


    The quilt blocks look stunning, I love sampler quilts. I agree with the catch/clean thing….an electric knife is the the best way to fillet fish…They will be so tasty for supper tonight.

    The lime green car looks great….but why would anyone want to paint there muscle car that color.

    Karen L

  3. 5


    Yum, nice photo of the fish all laid out there with Chad ready to go to work. Never heard of cleaning the little dickenses with an electric knife but it sounds like a good way.

  4. 6

    neen says

    Man alive, that Chevelle is GORGEOUS!!! But, not as pretty as your star blocks, Judy. Thanks for sharing pictures of both!

    Good job, again….

  5. 7

    lynn dykstra says

    These blocks turned out great!
    And, I can relate to the fish–the smell gets into everything, even your hair.

  6. 8



    wow love your quilt blocks! And it didn’t take you long to make.

    Enjoy your fish for tea

    Love Leanne

    PS my family enjoyed your photo of turtles – how fun to see them in your garden!

  7. 9


    Judy, your blocks look great and I love that their point sytes are scattered about randomly 🙂

    I noticed yoru new signature… the font differnt and LIME too! 🙂 If you can’t repaint your Honda at least you can repaint your signautre 😉

  8. 12

    Linda says

    I guess I never was that “GOOD” a wife!! My policy has always been, “You catch ’em, you clean ’em.” And that applies to all sorts for hunted things as well as fish.


  9. 13

    Evelyn says

    I would say that was a good days fishing! Sounds like you had a great weekend with lots going on. Your blocks have come together great!


  10. 14


    Oh, please, please, please tell me where Chad went fishing! I’d love to have me some fresh cornmeal fried fish! My father has been going up here, but hasn’t had much luck. Is he fishing from the shore or in a boat? I’m guessing I can’t come down for some bread and fish? I’m going to keep trying – maybe one day you’ll break down! 🙂
    I’m glad you finally had some good weather!

  11. 16


    What time is dinner? Fresh caught fish, yum! I wish I liked to fish, LOL. I sure love eating it!