Busy, Busy!

I’m still alive and well! Being gone for almost a week kinda throws everything into a tizzy around here. There’s lots of things happening with my family and it will probably be a few days before I get back to my regular blogging.

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    Hi Judy;

    I’ve just discovered your site and I am totally fascinated by your drive to reduce your stash. I love books and quilting. Somedays its quilting and books. But I have way too many/much of both. I have not reached the stage of reducing either yet, but willl be dropping in to follow your quest! Cheers!

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    pdudgeon says

    glad you made it home safely. sounds like you’ve been missed at home as well as here.
    just know that you are appreciated.

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    Nice to see you’re back safe and sound! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. I also enjoy checking in on your blog and seeing what you’re up to!

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    Glad that you are home safely! I hope that it is only good things that are keeping you and your family busy.
    Take Care!

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    If anyone deserves a blogging vacation, it’s You! 😉 Take care of family first… we’ll all be here when you get back and we have lots of archives to sort thru while you are away.

    It’s good to know that you are back home and OK.
    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    hope things are ok with the family…and you and your hubby and Chad are ok with the floods..made some dinners from your Lime Green Kitchen post of June 7th! YUMMY!!!

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    Welcome Home! I hope you had a good time away! Mom and I were wondering if Vince and Speck had a good time while you were gone!
    I hope all is well with your family.

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    Kerri says

    Hi Judy,

    It’s amazing how busy times just come up by surprise. It does for me!