Clothes Line and Clothespin Bag


Vince got my clothes line all set up while I was gone last week. I tell ya . . I must be the last person in this country wanting to hang my clothes. First, we couldn’t find the poles anywhere and ended up having to have them made by a local welder. Second, we couldn’t find decent line. This line keeps drooping/stretching and Vince has had to tighten it up twice. I sure hope the third time is the charm.

Try finding a clothes pin bag! I found one last week at Wal-Mart but it looked like it was made of the cheapest fabric . . almost like paper, so I knew how long that would last. Sunday we decided to drive to Joplin on the pretense of finding a clothes pin bag. Really, we both were dying for a meal from J. B. Elephant’s and neither would admit that we would drive 70 miles each way just to eat — with gas near $4.00/gallon. We ate lunch (I’m already wanting to go back! Gotta break that habit!), then we went to a few places but we stopped at Home Depot, Target, Sutherland’s and a couple of other hardware stores and no one had a clothes pin bag.

While in Springfield on Saturday, we stopped by Merrily We Quilt Along and I picked up Darlene Zimmerman’s Wash Day Clothes Pin Bag Pattern. Like most of my patterns, I figured it would end up on the pattern shelf, never to be used but when I couldn’t find a decent clothes pin bag, look what I made! The pattern was so easy and so fun and isn’t it just the cutest thing? I can see how it would be useful for lots of things besides clothes pins.


My friend’s mom loves frogs and I know she has a clothes line. She’s so sweet to send me the cutest handmade cards for all occasions so I made her this one. I went down to our little quilt shop to see if they had any frog fabric. They didn’t but then I found some in my stash. Guess I should be shopping the stash first! 🙂


Bet she doesn’t lose that rascal on the clothes line! 🙂


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    That is so cute! Not that you need it now but I’m pretty sure that Vermont Country Store carries clothes pin bags and may even have “real” clothesline too.

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    Theresa says

    How cute!! I made my own bag years ago. I cut off a pair of bluejeans and sewed it closed just under the zipper then used the belt loops to fasten to the hanger. Mine wasn’t as cute as yours is but it worked for years! I don’t hang much out anymore, the dryers easier. LOL!

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    Eve says

    Judy, those clothespin bags are adorable! You’re not the last person to want a clothesline–I am. LOL!! Mama and Daddy always had the same problem w/ the stretching/drooping line, so Daddy took two 8′ pieces of skinny pipe, cut notches in one end on each, and they were used in the center of each line to prop the clothesline up. Smart man, my daddy! Eve

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    You aren’t the only one, my MIL and I both hang out our clothes to dry…If your cute bag wears out, you can always stitch a t-shirt bottom shut, put it on a hanger and drop your pins in. I’m still using my grandmothers pins…kalamaquilts

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    Those are adorable!!!! I think the decline of the clothesline has a lot to do with home owners associations banning them. I know the last 3 houses we’ve had couldn’t have them and I have a travel one that I use as a temporary one when doing any kind of fabric dye.

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    The clothesline bags that I remember (from the 60’s & 70’s) were nothing like these fancy ones! These are great!

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    These are so cute. This morning, my brother helped me put new line on my clothes line and it is now full of towels and sheets. I have spent the better part of an hour looking for a freebie bag pattern. I found 2 that I like and one is a little dress! Long live the clothesline!!!
    ps–glad you are back!

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    I have never seen such cute clothes line bags! Your friend will love hers!

    My grandmother had one that after she died my mom got and maybe when I go home to Kentucky next week, I will be able to find it if it is still around…? I don’t have a clothes line but would still like to have what was once my Momma Newt’s 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    I think clothes hanging on a line is one of the prettiest sights. How classy to have custom-made poles :-). I love those dress clothespin bags and have several vintage ones.

  10. 11


    Those are adorable. I’ve got my mom’s awful clothespin bag, but I wouldn’t trade anything for it! Ah, the smell of fresh air-dried sheets!

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    Linda says

    Really cute clothespin bag. I’m not near that stylish–an empty ice cream bucket works for me. he he. About the clothesline–everyone I know of uses heavy wire, #9 or thereabouts. And sometimes it needs to be tightened up a bit too.

  12. 15

    Pat B says

    When I started reading this I thought of this bag. I have made 2 one holds clothespins for I too prefer to hang clothes outside when the MN weather permits. The second one I use to hold plastic bags, though I am trying to use reusable bags (when I remember to take them with).

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    Judy; That clothes pin bag is just the cutest thing ;-).
    Thanks for supplying the pattern info. I have never used
    a dryer (although my hubby put one in the cellar as an
    in-case) and this bag is going to brighten up my yard. Thanks so much. See you on Stashbusters.. BTW, isn’t
    9 yards used from 150 equal 141 yards to go? 😉

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    Elaine says

    Oh Judy! Mom’s gonna love her new little frog clothespin bag. I can’t wait to see it, and guess who will get to be the one to use it? Yep, me! She still loves sheets and stuff hung out, but she can’t do it by herself anymore. You are the greatest friend ever!

  15. 18


    Yea! Judy is back. Missed your blog posts. Your clothes pin bags are too cute. Would love to hang out sheets, but we have terrible allergies at our house. That’s one of the first thing the allergist had us do – dry all clothes inside.

    Take care.

  16. 19

    Mary Ann says

    If I had known, I could have brought you my “vintage” clothes pin bag that I’ve had since we were married. I haven’t had a clothes line for quite a few years. However, your new one is much cuter.

  17. 20


    Oh my goodness they are so adorable.

    I have a similar one that was my grandma’s, I have no idea how old it is.

  18. 21

    Sandy says

    My mother had three clothes line poles so that the center one helped support the clothes line in the middle. She also used extra support poles under the wire when airing quilts. Your clothes pin bags are beautiful! Sandy Gail from Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

  19. 22


    they are just darlink I tell ya, just darlink! I’m like Linda, I use an ice cream bucket but I like yours so much more! Is the opening large enough to get the pins out? It’s hard to tell with the picture. And our HOA in SC is considering reversing their ban on clotheslines in light of our economy. YEAH! I would so much rather dry stuff outside, especially sheets and towels.

  20. 23

    Jill says

    Judy, I love hanging our clothes out on the line to dry……love hearing the birds singing while I’m doing it. We live in Kansas and the wind is always blowing so things dry quickly.

    Love your blog

  21. 24


    Those clothespin bags are so cute! What a great idea. And I am with you on the clothesline thing. It is the middle of summer and I still have a natural gas bill over 55 per month for water and a gas dryer… that is a little much!

  22. 25

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    The clothespin bags are a hit! I purchased one of the cheap, made from paper ones and it lasted 2 weeks -tops! I now use a gallon baggie, but you have inspired me!

  23. 26


    I am sure the recipient will be thrilled with the clothpin dress, such fun: practical and you get to “play dolly” too. And just the colors cheer me up!

  24. 27

    Jayne says

    Great little peg bag, you are lucky to be able to hand your washing out. Where my friend’s daughter lives (St Louis) the sub division have a rule that washing may not be hung outside – how stupid is that? I love how all the laundry smells when it has been hanging outside in the frsh air.

  25. 29

    Nancy says

    I’d have a clothesline if I had the room, believe me! I hate the electric bill that goes along with using the dryer for every load of laundry. Your clothespin bags are just too cute! I’d hate to hang it outside for fear of ruining it, though! Can’t I just get one and hang it on the laundry room wall, for decoration?? lol

  26. 30

    June says

    Those clothes pin bags are just teh cutest. I used to have one at my old house but we can’t have one here because of the birds and the trees. I love the smell of clothes that dry on the line. When I was a kid growing up we had a big long clothes line attached to a telephone pole and a pully on it and one on the garage. I used to hate hanging the clothes out, but then I was a teenager!! I could see putting my quilt clips in that (the bull dog ones I used for clipping the baccking to the table when I’m basting my quilts, or to put my half used spools of thread in (the ones I just grab out of the bag for bobbins), hair clips and scrunchies and so many other uses!!

  27. 31

    sandy maniscalco says

    Hi! I just came in from hanging out my towels and came to your blog. I love your pin bags. My friend made me three, out of blue jeans and nice embroidery. I use them all the time. I bring the bags in when I bring the wash in, so that way they don’t get ruined. I love a full clothes line. Haave a great day. sandy

  28. 32


    I still hang some clothes on the line. I love the smell of sheets fresh off the line! My kids think towels hung outside are awesome. Glad to hear I’m not the only one still doing it. Love the bag!

  29. 33

    neen says

    If the span is too long, between poles, you might need a support in the middle of your lines. I, also, love my clotheslines. For a clothespin holder, I cut out the top, front of a gallon milk container and run the clothes line through the handle. I also poke holes in the bottom for drainage, when it rains.

    wicked cute clothespin bags you made, Judy,


  30. 35


    These clothes pin bags are sooooo cute!! I don’t have clothes lines in our yard, (I think our city prohibits that stuff) but I would like to make those bags to keep something else in the house.

    Thank you for another inspiration, Judy!!

  31. 36

    Rebecca says

    Since I grew up in Seattle, I never got familiar with the smell of sun-dried sheets. (We did have a clothesline in the basement, though). Now, it’s hard to find a place where you are allowed to have clotheslines, as others have said. I really don’t think the HOAs should have so much say over my BACK yard!

    Those are really cute bags! Are those full-size hangers they are on? I have seen collapsing plastic buckets for pins (with drainage), but these are so much more attractive!

  32. 37

    Judy in NE says

    Judy, your clothes pin bags turned out adorable!! I have that same pattern, but haven’t gotten the ‘gumption’ to make one yet. I will over winter though – my current bag is on it’s last thread.

  33. 38

    Cindy says

    First, it might not be the clothesline stretching – it might be the poles aren’t in the ground far enough and they are being pulled towards each other. The reason I know this might be the case, is because, well, it was the case at my house.

    Second, don’t you love that clothes pin bag pattern? I have made several of them. And I made one in white with pink trim and black satin ribbon for a friends wedding last summer. She used it for envelopes at the reception. Now it hangs in her daughter’s room.

    Glad you had a good time at your retreat AND at Camdemton. There weren’t any bridges to speak of, were there?

  34. 39

    Shari says

    Hi Judy I love your clothespin bags. My HOA says your clothesline can’t be visible from the street….well they have to be trespassing to see either of mine! Many of my quilty friends are jealous. I had to make pin holders too as the AZ heat just eats them alive, but none of mine were as classy as yours! Out here your fabric is nearly dry by the time you finish hanging it!

  35. 40

    Vicki says


    The kind of line you need, so it won’t sag, can be found in a hardware store ( or Lowes etc). It’s not advertised as clothesline, but it works great. We buy ours by the foot so there is no waste…… usually comes in green or red and has metal running through the inside of the outer coating of rubber. It hardly stretches as all! The pin bag is the bomb!

  36. 41

    judi miller says

    I too have searched high and low for clothespin bags…when i searched net and found your site i had to tell you how cute your dress bag is. living in florida there is no excuse not to dry sheets and towels outside and the smell is heavenly! HOA’s are one reason we moved to the country. found great clothesline at is plastic reinforced steel line and comes with winch-like gadget that allows you to tighten line as needed.

  37. 42

    Ellen says

    Because of your posting these adorable pictures, I just bought this pattern to make a clothespin bag for myself out of my stash of fabric. I bought a similar bag on Ebay, but it’s not nearly as cute as yours, so I decided to sew one this summer, and give the other away. Love your color choices. Thanks so much for posting these pics!