America Quilts Creatively

I think everyone but me was watching America Quilts Creatively this afternoon when two of my quilts were shown. After dinner, I checked my e-mail and goodness . . I had so many! Thanks to all of you for writing to say that you saw them. I can’t remember the episode number but it is an older one — maybe 2 years old. I was living in Kentucky at the time (yes, they said that on there).

My friend, Denise, was sad that they didn’t mention my skills at short sheeting her bed but I had help doing that so I suppose that’s why that little incident has never made it to my bio. My partner in crime, Elaine, and I were sharing a room at a retreat with Denise in the spring. I don’t know how she does it but Denise sewed 24/7 (almost) for 5 full days (and nights). One night Elaine and I had gone to bed and we got the giggles. We decided to short sheet Denise’s bed. Elaine and I hopped up out of bed, giggling so much we could hardly function. We quickly short sheeted Denise’s bed.

We crawled back into our beds and never could stop giggling. It was probably 3 hours later when Denise came to bed. Elaine and I were trying so hard to pretend to be asleep. Denise’s bed was kinda squeaky and she was trying real hard not to be noisy . . sweet lady that she is! Too bad her roomies weren’t so sweet.

Denise got all comfy in bed and never said a word. Elaine and I couldn’t hide our snickers. Denise said “OK . . what’s so funny?” I asked her if she was under the covers.

All that work and when she got into bed, in the dark, trying to be so quiet, she had accidentally only pulled back the quilt and was on top of the sheet! She noticed it but thought the bed was too squeaky and in order to keep from waking us, she just stayed there. Ruined all our fun! Not really, Elaine and I had giggled for hours thinking about Denise climbing into bed to find it short sheeted.  And, Elaine didn’t even know how to short sheet a bed before that night.  Amazing what you can learn hanging around with the likes of me!

I guess the lesson to be learned — never share a room with Elaine and me! 🙂


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    I’ve never even heard of that show! What fun it would have been to see your quilts on there! Too funny about your short-sheeting adventure. If it makes Elaine feel any better, I wouldn’t know how to do it either! LOL

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    Denise says

    Elaine learned quickly how to short sheet a bed and if they didn’t have a severe case of the giggles, I would have never known till morning. Of course they were both dragging the next morning sinice I didn’t come to bed till late and they had to stay awake to see if it worked. LOL But they were still great roomies nonetheless and even remade my bed for me. 🙂

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    Linda says

    I watch America Quilts Creatively each week and loved your quilts
    but when I go to their site “America Quilts Creatively” it’s not accessible.
    Were you given any information why they’ve been off line for all
    these months? Just thought you might know ….