This week has flown by! How did it get to be Friday already? Time flies when you’re having fun!

As I’m driving across Missouri, often on the back roads, the beauty almost takes my breath away! I love the hills, the lush green valleys, the farms, the barns . . I love this state. I’ve been so lucky to have lived in Louisiana where I love the cypress trees and swamps, Kentucky with the gorgeous blue grass fields and now, here in Missouri.

My time with the Camdenton quilters was fantatsic! Quilters are always so nice and fun to spend time with. I still have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. There are so many quilters who are way more talented than I am and I’ll never know why I’m the one they’re asking to come and speak and why it’s my book they’re buying. I’m very thankful that it’s happening but still . . I’m shocked every time a group chooses me to come teach and share!

When I got home there was a box from my friend, Rosemary in AR. She made me these two “dump” bags. Quilters just “dump” all their stuff in them!


Rosemary has cats and Speck was determined there was a cat in the box. Nope . . no cat in the box. Maybe there’s a cat in the bag. After a thorough investigation, Speck found no cat in the bag but he was sure there was one somewhere.

Notice that the green bag has already been stuffed with a quilt and sewing supplies.  Last night was guild sit and sew night and I worked on binding.

Thanks Rosemary! You know these bags will get lots and lots of use and I love the colors!


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    Speck’s so cute. He thinks you got him a playmate!! I’m going to join you all on the marathon this weekend! Don’t have anything close to the finishing stage, but hope to make good solid headway on them!

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    We just got back from our honeymoon through MO and it was absolutely beautiful! We stayed in Nevada, Springfield, Branson, and St. Joseph on the way home. It was so lush and green there! Plus there were tons of quilt shops to go to. I found several new favorites!!! I’m sure we’ll be going back to MO in the future.

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    any chance you have a lead on those ‘dump’ bags? I’m thinking there may be one or two of us that would like to make those! I googled them and came up empty…

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    I’m with Beth and Judi…is there a pattern for the dump bags out? They look like a lot of fun to make!