Saturday Quiltathon Report

I have a question for those of you wanting to do the BOM but it will be later in this post so . . please keep reading.

The promised nap never happened.  We did order a new weather radio.  When we moved here, we never found the one we had in Kentucky.  It’s probably still in a box in the garage! 🙁   Vince picked one up at Radio Shack and we can’t turn off the alerts we don’t want so we get flash flood warnings, thunderstorm warnings and all kinds of warnings.  Mostly, I think it just goes off as soon as I go to sleep!  Last night I know it went off at least a dozen times and only once was it a tornado warning.  Tornado warnings are the the only things I want to hear so we ordered a new radio today that will let us turn off all the warnings we don’t want to hear.  That may help us get more sleep!

This is what took priority over my nap!  We ordered another half of beef and it will be ready Wednesday so I needed to defrost the freezer before the beef arrived.  Glad I got that done.  The drawer at the bottom is my Louisiana drawer.  It has shrimp, sausage and boudin that I bring back when I go home.  I miss Louisiana food so much!


And, here’s what else took priority over my nap.


The main part of the BOM quilt is put together.  I love it and can’t wait to get the borders done, come up with a quilting plan and get started.  It’s up on the design wall upside down or sideways from the picture I’ve shown you previously.  Chad helped me get it up there and I wasn’t about to ask him to turn it around.

My question to those of you wanting to do this as a BOM: Do you want just the blocks or the setting/borders also?  I don’t mind doing both if enough of you truly plan to use it but the setting is a lot of work.  It isn’t *hard* but it takes some planning and thinking.  You all can do it but if you think you’re just going to do your own thing with a straight setting, I’m not going to write out all the instructions for the setting and borders.

This quilt is seriously not hard to make.  I’ll share some tips with you along the way.  I learned some things while doing this quilt.  I always do!  If you like it and if you think you want to do it, please give it a try!

And . . it needs a name.  Any ideas??


Email me!


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    I’d love the setting please Judy – I can find block patterns no trouble at all but your setting is really what makes the quilt for me.

  2. 3


    Oh I would love the complete instructions. I love your patterns, you instructions are just wonderful. I usually don’t like to follow patterns but I like yours.

  3. 4


    I agree with the others. It wouldn’t be nearly so beautiful in a straight setting. I would love to get your setting instructions.

    The only name I thought of was Missouri Stars – so unoriginal! I’ll think on it some more! 🙂

  4. 5

    Alexandra says

    Judy, I think the setting is what sets this quilt apart from other samplers. How about calling it “Above and Beyond”, because your sharing the pattern is above and beyond anyone’s expectations.
    Thank you for a fun blog, I have it as my home page here in Sydney, Australia.
    Love your work 😎

  5. 6


    I agree that the setting would be what makes this quilt so special too, along with the fact that you designed it and you are sharing the pattern with us! I love the name Missouri Stars..I am having a hard time thinking of another name since I saw that name that Vicki wrote…

  6. 7

    pdudgeon says

    yep, i want the whole thing!
    i love to make quilts that turn out better in real life than i ever expected them to. I look at them and think “I made THIS?” and this quilt is definitely in that class.

    i love the name “Missouri Stars”. It’s a keeper.

  7. 8

    June says

    Setting options are always a great idea. I love this quilt and I love stars. Having the complete instructions including the setting and border will make it achievable by more folks. Thanks again Judy for great ideas!!

  8. 9

    Marie says

    I agree with everyone else, your settings make the quilts special! Please include the instructions.

  9. 12


    I hate being the girl who says “me too,” but really, it’s the setting that makes the quilt. I’d love to use it for a project that’ s already a pile of blocks waiting for inspiration.

  10. 13

    Jane says

    How about “Missouri Dozen” or “Quilter’s Dozen”? The quilt is quite striking!

  11. 15


    I’m greedy too – I want it want it ALL! I think your quilts are special because of you make your setting, sashing and border as interesting as the blocks. Because you miss Louisiana and because this is a sampler of sorts – kind of like Baltimore Beauty quilts – I came up with Bayou Beauty

  12. 16


    While I can’t PROMISE I will use the setting, I sure would like to give it a go. I LOVE this new quilt of yours and really want to make one with those same colors mostly. I think a shopping trip for background fabric is in order! The rest can come from my stash, of course!
    ps, I FINALLY found my tri recs rulers…sigh

  13. 18

    Linda says

    Hi Judy,
    I also love your setting. I’ve become tired of straight settings and have been experimenting with on-point settings and yours is great. I especially like your sashing strips and borders.

    Thanks, Linda

  14. 20

    Leslie says

    Just another greedy sheep here… following along with everyone else who wants it all… blocks and setting. The blocks are great, but the sashings are what really make it “a Judy Quilt”…Wonderful as always

  15. 21


    The setting is sensational so me too please. (Just hope I can keep up with you)
    I also hope you get some sleep and that the weather calms down.
    Starlight? That’s my thought for a name (comes from stars on light…)

  16. 22

    Loretta says

    As do most of the others, I would like the instructions for all of it and thank you in advance. Being a Louisiana girl myself, I like Vicki W.’s suggestion for a name.

  17. 23

    Eileen C says

    I agree with everyone else – I would love to have all of the instructions – thank you so much!!!

  18. 24


    Part of the appeal of this quilt *is* the setting, so I hope you might be willing to share those directions, and thank you.

  19. 25

    ET says

    Settings would be wonderful. Hope I can follow along and understand it. How about “Stars after the storm?”

    Those Missouri springtime storms are very strong. I had forgot just how bad they are after living somewhere else for several years.

  20. 26

    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Please do the on-point setting! There are great places to quilt then…
    Be sure to include tips for those of us who have problems when so many points come together in the center!!!

  21. 27


    Yes I would love the whole setting as that is what interests me….also in defrosting a ref. put a fan in front of it if not self defrosting takes no time at all…my name would be ‘dazzing stars’ or something like that…’heavenly stardom’..thanks for your effort I have never joined anything like this and am excited…

  22. 28


    But Judy, your settings are what make your quilts sing……….and dance…………and shine………….

    Please share the whole thing………………

  23. 30

    Dot says

    Well, I think it would be nice to have the full instuctions for everything; especially since I have never sewn a quilt on point . Now is the time for me to learn from a pro. Looking forward to this BOM series. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Dot in beautiful north Georgia