Quiltathon Sunday

Anyone sewing with me today? I’m working on borders. Want to guess which quilt? 🙂

Too much time was wasted this morning debating with myself about a new camera. I really want the Nikon D80 but I don’t need it. Part of me (10%) wants to be reasonable and part of me (90%) says just get it and then get back to quilting.

The truly practical side of me says to get the Nikon D40 which is the older model and I can get it for less than half of what the D80 costs.

I’m not saying money isn’t an issue but honestly . . I’ve already bought 2 point and shoot digital cameras this year when a DLSR is what I wanted all along. I just don’t know if I want to get the D80 or the D40. That practical side of me (which is so often mute!) says that i can get the D40 now and then in a year or so, if I want the D80, it will probably have come down in price to where I will have both cameras for what it would cost me to get the D80 today. The D80 rates tops on almost every rating I’ve read.

And, then I think . . what the heck am I going to photograph? Why do I need a nicer camera? I only take pictures of my quilts and the pictures I take are good enough to get my quilts into quilt shows like the AQS show in Paducah and plenty good enough for my blog. Also, it’s so hard for me to buy something besides a Sony. My first 2.1 megapixel camera (that Speck ate!) was a Sony and that’s all I’ve ever had since then. Vince and Chad both have Sony cameras and . . well, we’ve just loved our Sony cameras.

But, The Pioneer Woman uses a Nikon and that’s about as good as gets . . even though hers is a top of the line and I’ll never need or get one of those.

I think I’ll go sew and see how I feel about this in a few hours. Good idea, Judy!


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    I actually had to give in to the nap – the Benedryl won. I’m up now and am surprised that you ahve not followed my sage advice already! LOL! I’m off to load a QOV on Willie.

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    I’m a camera junkie, and it’s been my experience that, as long as you can afford it, you should get what you really want. Your Dream Camera will always be lurking in the back of your mind, and you will still want it. My advice: Don’t Settle.

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    Tricia Sagen says

    Worries about cameras sure do beat worries about weather! I turned on the news and saw a story about really bad thunderstorms and wind and my first thought was “I hope it’s not where Judy is!”-but it was in Nebraska.
    I am still binding…and am now beginning season two of Grey’s Anatomy.

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    Linda says

    Judy, I also bought a new point and shoot camera last summer since this is what I’ve always had. I’ve also been thinking of upgrading to a SLR, but like you have hesitated because I don’t think I use it enough to justify the expense. However, my son has a nice one and I told him I wanted to borrow it the next time I go to a quilt show so I can see if I really do get better photographs. I agree with the others, take a deep breath and get the one you want. Linda J

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    I got a D80 last year and I SO love it!! Go for it! You will be amazed at the versatility over a point and shoot. I have both, and they both have their uses. The D80 is heavier to lug around on an every day basis, so I always keep my point and shoot in my purse. But if I PLAN to take pictures, my D80 goes with me.

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    I am so glad that I am not the only one agonizing over the same issue AND the same cameras! My old 3.1pix is just not cutting it for quality but the expense of the SLR…oye. My daughter just bought a new point & shoot and it takes very nice photos – – I want a new one of each 🙂
    I really want to get better quality images for the step-by-step photos I post to my blog. If we say “it’s for my quilting” does that justify the cost? hehehehe 🙂

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    About a month ago I purchased a SLR and I love it. I got the new Canon Rebel. I agonized over the decision too but am having great fun taking pictures of my grand kids and dogs and of course, quilts.


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    Heck, don’t ask me. I’m electronically challenged, as you well know! LOL

    Two quilts delivered, car washed, laundry almost done, dishwasher done — I’m free to sew!!!

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    I know nothin about cameras, but I am still stitching with you. The girls made pillowcases and I’m now working on binding.

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    I have sewn with you all weekend and have 2 finishes to show for it 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration !

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    pdudgeon says

    i sewed this afternoon. one more day and i’ll have this top together. it’s taking longer than i thought it would, but then it always seems to do that, LOL.

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    Tricia Sagen says

    All right. I am just going to say it…”Uncle!”

    I admit it. Quiltathon has officially kicked my behind. I know. I got cocky. You don’t just willy-nilly sign-up for anything with an “-athon” in it. I should have been practicing my foot-press, my shoulder lifts, my finger pokes. Quilting is not for the weak or faint of heart.
    But watch out…next time I just may finish what I started!
    Hope you all had as much fun as I did! See you next time! Thanks for getting us all together,Judy!

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    Yesterday I sewed all day and made a quilt top today I got that guilt top quilted. I also dyed fabric for the back yesterday.

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    My DH got the D-70 for Christmas in 2006, and has absolutely loved it. He used to do a lot of film photography and is kicking his own rear that he got rid of all his really nice lenses (which were Nikons). The best thing about the D-70 (can’t speak for the others) is that he can put it on automatic, and hand it to me – and I can take pretty decent pictures myself!

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    I was! I was! I got a baby quilt top pieced. Ready for a border or quilting depending on the way I decide to go.

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    I missed the Quiltathon unfortunately but do want to comment on the camera.

    I got a Nikon D40X last year and love it. I’ve been lazy about learning to use the manual settings like I planned but they’re there when I’m ready.

    I love photography and this camera is more than enough more for me.

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    My boyfriend has a Nikon and is quite happy with it. If it is not too big an investment take the D80. You might just find yourself taking more and more pictures and taking a photography class…

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    I sewed multiple “Lavender Passion” blocks together but I think a weekday would work better. Too many family things got in my way, not to mention the ton of laundry from our vacation. Does sewing a button on my husbands shorts count? I managed to do that for everyones sake. Get the Nikon-never a bad idea.

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    Evelyn says

    Point and shoot and bigger cameras both have their places… I got 1 of each (both digital) 5 years ago when my son was born. Big = Cannon because I already had LOTS of expensive Cannon lenses for my FILM camera. It takes great photos and I like using different lenses. BUT – to capture everyday doings – my little Sony is almost always in my pocket or bag. I’ve never kept it in a bag and it gets banged around alot and is STILL capturing fun bits of our lives for when I am not lugging around the Cannon which has to be treated a bit more gently!!!

    I really think having a BIG camera and a SMALL camera is sort-ov like having a sewing machine and a serger… or an oven and a microwave! It isn’t absolutely necessary to have both, but it sure is nice!