The Struggle Within

This camera dilemma is making me crazy!

Even after placing the order for the D40, I kept second guessing myself.  Then I canceled the order.  I kept thinking about the D80 having more megapixels (although I know that doesn’t make a lot of difference).  I kept thinking that The Pioneer Woman recommends the D80.  Then I kept thinking that Bobbie’s husband recommended the D40, Ken Rockwell recommends the D40.

Then, as I was sitting at the sewing machine, staring into space thinking about the cameras when I should have been working on ribbon borders, I thought about it like this . . it’s like piecing a quilt on a Featherweight and quilting it on a Millennium.  The Featherweight is the camera body and the Millennium represents the various lenses.  Any old basic sewing machine is good for piecing a quilt top but quilting it with a machine with a large throat space and a stitch regulator, with perfect tension makes a huge difference.

There . . something I can understand.

It’s done!  Order has been placed and I’m not thinking about it any more.  But I do wonder why I can go into a fabric shop or quilt show and spend in excess of $700 on fabric without thinking twice but I could not make a decision about this darned camera.  A camera is an investment . . not that fabric isn’t but it’s kinda different.  I think if I’d been actually in a store and looking at the camera, it would have been different than just pushing buttons on the internet.

Vince and I made a deal to see if we could buy nothing in July — NOTHING except bread and milk.  I’d say I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain but this was something that should’ve been ordered yesterday so . . let’s just keep it between us and not tell Vince!  Honestly, he already knows.  He was kinda laughing at me for struggling so hard with the decision.

Back to the ribbon borders.


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    You’re so funny!

    I have had the Nikon D70s for a year and a half now, and I love it. I think you’ll be very happy once you start playing with your camera. Whichever one you finally ended up with – I got confused there. :o)

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    Geeze….here I was thinking you were all set with your decision….so happy for you….LOL

    I like the bet….I think the odds are in your favor now that you have the camera out of the way. I hope you ordered all the little things you need for it. 🙂

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    so what did you go with? I am confused…I like the D40 and D80..I hope you are happy with what you ordered!!!

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    Which one did you get? You sound like me. I felt so guilty after I bought mine but I’m having such fun with it. Life is short – enjoy it!!


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    Tricia Sagen says

    It makes sense that this would be a hard decision to make. You know everything there is to know about fabric and so you can spend(gulp) $700 easily.
    What you have now are a lot of great opinions but they are not YOUR opinion, so you feel uncomfortable. Maybe if you had an “expert” opinion(Consumer Reports?) you would feel “safe” with your purchase.
    Most places have a return policy, so that should make you feel better. Use it and return it if you don’t like it! No harm in that!
    Also, can you figure out the ONE thing that you mostly want out of your new camera and make a decision off of that(vs. one camera’s complete features against anothers?).
    Anyway, just my two cents. I NEVER use a camera so I am definitely useless in the specific!
    Good Luck!

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    Congratulations on the camera purchase…..I think it’s inbred in women to always second guess oursleves. Good luck with the bet, you did bet on this deal didn’t you!!!

    Karen L

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    Paul has the D50, which I think they don’t make now, the 40 covering almost the same audience. He said the D40 covers 90% of what most people would ever want to do and the 80 would cover about 93% and so you made the right decision. More lenses can make more variety. He bought an extra lens – zoom telephoto with his.