Patience My Dear

If patience is a virtue, then I’m not very virtuous. But .. let’s not go there!


I ordered this software a while back because I really, really, really wanted Photoshop. It was supposed to have been sent “the end of June” so I’ve been waiting for it to arrive. It hasn’t and . . this is the 2nd of July so where the heck is it? Checked on it and seems as though the release date has now been moved to July 14. I want it now! I want to play with it before the camera arrives. Not gonna happen. The camera was shipped today. Oh . . I wasn’t very clear on which camera I bought, was I? I got the D40. I think it’s the best choice for me now. I may upgrade later. I’m already thinking about that D3 but that’s way, way down the road.

So, I’ll just be patient about Photoshop. It will be here when it gets here . . not much I can do about that.

We picked up the beef today. When we decided to order another half of beef, Vince asked me if we had room in the freezer. OY! There’s plenty of room. I hate being wrong (I *really* hate being wrong!). As we were putting the meat in the freezer, Vince was saying it’s going to be a tight fit, isn’t it? I was saying oh, no, there’s plenty of room as I was praying it would all fit! It did but it was tight.


And, lest you think I spent another day accomplishing nothing quilt related, here are four ribbon borders waiting to be attached to the quilt. Maybe tonight . . maybe tomorrow but it will be done very soon.



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    That’s great Judy, your freezer is packed and you will get to make some delicious meals!! I love the ribbon borders…good luck with the D40 and Photoshop!!!

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    Connie says

    Well, maybe they’ll surprise you and you’ll get it earlier than expected. Way to go on getting the meat in the freezer. Were your ears burning today? Got an order in at the shop and guess what was in it………..YOUR BOOK! I told everyone that would listen that that was “My friend Judy’s book”. I think I became annoying. Miss you!

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    Well Judy, waiting until the middle of the month is a good thing seeing how you and Vince have a bet not to spend anything extra this month…’ll be playing with your new program and he’ll be leaning over you shoulder drooling. So coming late can be a good thing.

    Karen L

    PS How big the cow was is the determining factor in whether or not the beef will fit in the freezer……

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    Judy, my DH said to tell you that after the camera arrives, and you’ve learned all the in’s and out’s…. it’ll make a GREAT back-up camera when you go for the D-3.

    Patience is something that I pray for. I used to pray to learn to be patient – and, boy, did God give me lessons all day long… So now, I pray to be granted just enough patience to make it through each day.

    The freezer looks wonderful!!!! Mine’s pretty full, too – but it was mostly from a visit to Mrs Baird’s thrift store. Who needs beef when you have nine kinds of bagels?

    Have a safe and blessed Independence Day! (And have fun with the camera!!!!)

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    neen says

    That looks like my freezer except that it’s deer and moose meat. Had deer tenderloin wrapped in bacon, on the grill, for supper last night. Thank you, God….

    Judy, good luck with your camera and photoshop. I’m not a high-tech person so it would scare me half to death to tackle your new camera. I don’t even like sewing machines with more than 3 buttons! I bet you are going to have a blast with it.

    Pretty border. Can’t wait to see it on the quilt.

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    That darn “Pioneer Woman”…I think we all look at her gorgeous photos and decide we need a Nikon and Photoshop!! (She does take great photos!)

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    A couple of years ago, I had a freezer full of beef and decided to order a hog. They called me and said it was ready and then it hit me … I had no place to store it. I had to quickly call the appliance store and have a second upright freezer delivered. I’m such a “duh” sometimes. But now….I have a beef freezer and a pork freezer. I also have two refrigerators. Works for me…….lol

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    You crack me up. I love your honesty and the fact that you share so much of your life. I can always count on you to peak my interest or get me going on a project.

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    Being somewhat slow of “brain” sometimes, I ask a lot of questions. When quizzing my brother about megapixels and the differences, his explanation was (about) as follows:
    What do you want to do with the photos? If you will be printing them off and enlarging them, then you will appreciate more pixels. If it is for your own use and especially for online stuff, then lower is just fine.

    I think the D40 sounds just great. All the bits will arrive and you will be in “fat city”, no doubt.

    For what it’s worth,