Happy 4th of July


Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July. It should be real safe around here as I don’t intend to leave the house. Chad is leaving to go camping (which may or may not mean he’ll be safe!). Vince . . well, as long as the recliner doesn’t fall apart or burst into flames, he should be safe too! 🙂

Should be real happy around here too. Chad will be gone camping very soon. Vince . . well, see above. The recliner is upstairs and I’ll be sewing downstairs.


I did fix breakfast this morning. Ham, eggs, grits, toast and red eye gravy. Two loads of laundry are on the clothesline and I’m going to sew! Next time anyone hears from me, the star BOM top will be finished!

Update: Vince is doing something very unsafe! 🙂  He’s working on cleaning out the downstairs garage – the one I want to renovate for my long arm room.


There’s little hope this room will be clean enough to redo in my lifetime.  It’s mostly stuff we don’t need and should have thrown away or given away long ago.  As soon as it gets cleaned up, I’ll have that garage door taken down, French doors put up, the ceiling patched where the garage door stuff is, flooring put in and I think I’m going to just paint over that wood stuff on the wall.  I forgot what it’s called . . OSB or something like that.  It won’t be pretty but I think I can play around with it and make it acceptable.  There’s already a window and a vent for the a/c and heat.  All I need is junk gone and a good carpenter.  Oh . . maybe a few $$ too.  It really won’t be expensive and it will be so nice to get the longarm out of my sewing area.  Go Vince . . keep on cleaning.  I take back everything I said earlier about sitting in the recliner all day.



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    Vivian says

    It looks like Vince has quite a task ahead. Our garage looked kind of like that. I tried a garage sell and it was way too much work for the money. So. . . I boxed up the left overs and gave it all to the church rummage sale. Now they are going to have another one in Sept. I told DH that if we went through the garage again, we would probably have plenty to give away and room to walk around our DS in DD vehicles. (They have small vehicles. My husband and my vehicles will not fit. Lucky kids.

    Have a great day.

    Vivian in Arkansas

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    Go Vince Go!

    I worked on my longarm all day today and got another quilt top quilted and out of that dreaded unquilted pile.

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    You are one brave lady for showing pictures of your garage! I’m not sure I could get far enough into our garage to get a picture. 🙁 Thank goodness we have a carport for my car – otherwise there would be much discussion of said garage! Blessings, marlene

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    Judy, can you give us your recipe for red eye gravy? I’ve been thinking about that nonstop since you posted this! LOL