Stash Report Sunday Week 27

It was a good week for my stashbusting efforts. This is the first report for the second half of 2008. If stashbusting is something you really want to do and you aren’t so happy with your results the first half of the year, just start over. Kinda like pretend 2008 is really two years. We can have 2008-A which is history. Don’t worry about it now. Can’t change it, right? But now we have a whole new year . . which we’ll call 2008-B. Start over with a clean slate if you’d like. We can do this . . because we’re quilters! 🙂

Let us know how you did!

You may notice I got the old Mr. Linky back. I think I’ve figured it out. And, I went back and added up my “added year to date” and “used year to date” figures so I’ve added that back to my report.

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 282 yards

Fabric used this week -8-1/2 yards
Fabric used year to date – 226 yards

Net Used to Date – <56 yards>
Net Yards To Go (to reach a net use of 150 yards for the year) – 206 yards


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    Wel, 8.5 yards used this week is a pretty darn good week!! You can do it, Judy! If anyone can, you can!!!!

  2. 4


    When one looks at stash busting as a means of making room for more fabric, it becomes a lot more interesting! 🙂 I’ve just been adding to my stash – waiting to let it get to the point of needing a bust!

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    I may not always meet my stashbusting goals but playing the game does ensure that I do focus on using fabric that I already have .

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    pdudgeon says

    i re-organized and listed my future projects this week.
    went thru the fabric requirements for all the patterns and checked to be sure i had the needed fabrics. Found a few ‘holes’, so i will have incomming fabric next week. After that i should be set for the rest of the year.

    got two quilt tops assembled this week, (fabric previously counted), cut 12 inches of fabric for binding, and added 5 yards to the stash for a quilt backing.

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    Hello All, this sounds like a great idea. I just moved to a new house and have realized I have too much fabric!! lol I can’t believe how many boxes I needed to pack up my sewing room. At my old house I had a 14 by 16′ room with an 8 x 8 walk in closet. It was FULL! Now I have a little room in the cellar and I’m trying to fit all my stuff into it. It’s not happening. One of the reasons I bought this house is that it has an out building that I can use as a studio but it won’t be ready for awhile. I need to add insulation, walls, a better floor, more light and replace the furnace. Until that all happens I’m stuck in the dungeon. I hope I can work down there. I have a short arm machine in a frame that I don’t know if I can set up until the studio is ready. I already miss it!